12 Adorable Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Hacks

The Ikea Duktig play kitchen is such great value and every child loves a play kitchen! These awesome Ikea Duktig hacks help turn the play kitchen into something a bit more impressive.

But is it for the kids benefit or the parents!?

We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s all for the kids! It is fun recreating a grown up kitchen with the Duktig though. Almost like doing a kitchen renovation without the huge cost!

We’ve found the best Ikea Duktig play kitchen hacks and brought them together here for you to browse, get inspiration and delight in the little details.

Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Hacks

Glamorous Modern Play Kitchen with Gold Tap

There has been a lot of thought put into the design of this Duktig hack from Nos.Enfantillages on Instagram.

There are several great details to pick out here, not least the marble counter top and gold tap and handles. The counter top is created by using a marble effect vinyl adhesive sheet and the tap and handles are spray painted gold. These upgrades should be made before assembling the kitchen to make it easier!

The back splash is a lovely decorative tile that is also a sticker. The units have been painted a gorgeous pale blue to match the other finishes.

We would be happy to have a real kitchen that looked like this!

Get the Look:

Tile Back Splash for Duktig
Ornate Tile Back Splash Stickers
Marble Counter Top Vinyl for Duktig
Marble Counter Top Vinyl
Gold SPray Paint for Duktig
Gold Spray Paint

Ikea Duktig Kitchen and Shop Hack

Turn your Ikea Duktig play kitchen into a shop to have two toys for the price of one (plus a few extra materials).

This brilliant idea from Gaensebluemchen and Sonnenschein (I copied and pasted their name!) is a great way to create a play shop on the back of your play kitchen. Complete with produce baskets, awning and signs.

Role play is such a great way for kids to develop many different skills and this play shop is another tool to help make that happen.

Match your Grown Up Kitchen to Your Duktig Kitchen

Which came first, the grown up kitchen or the Duktig kitchen? This lovely idea from Miss Jess Wanderer creates a mini version of the family kitchen for kids to pretend they are like mummy or daddy.

It’s a gorgeous Ikea Duktig hack that uses some of the same tricks as the first entry (marble effect vinyl counter top, spray painted tap and handles). They go for a more neutral colour in their kitchen(s) though and it’s a really lovely calming space.

We love the mini oven mits too!

Under Mounted Sink for the Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen

You might think there couldn’t be much variation in what you can do with the Ikea Duktig play kitchen. To a certain extent you might be right! But there are always little details that make each one unique.

In this case, this stunning Ikea Duktig hack from Jyll.Mackie on Instagram includes a counter top with the sink mounted underneath. It’s a simple piece of work and involves using the same counter top but just gluing the sink underneath instead of just sitting it on top.

The leather pull handles and gorgeous grey/green paint add to an amazing finish that feels quite bohemian.

Bohemian Brown Duktig Play Kitchen

Talking of bohemian, I don’t think you can get more so than this great Duktig hack from The French Folk. We love the sumptuous brown of the kitchen, the cane webbing inserts in the doors and the wooden hob they have added.

All it needed was a replacement wooden tap to complete the look (asking a bit much there thought I think!).

It looks so great with the vintage kitchen accessories too!

Classic Kitchen Style with Added Refrigerator

This lovely Ikea Duktig hack from Saving Amy creates a classic play kitchen with a botanical back splash. There has been a lot of work put into creating little details such as the hob plates and oven door outline.

The real work, however, has gone into creating an amazing refrigerator to go with it! This has been done with a couple of Eket wall units, handles and spray paint. The added possibilities for play are endless!

The great part of creating something so original is that your kids get to see the process of making something amazing yourself. Get them involved in the project so they develop a creative streak themselves!

Gorgeous Mid Century Modern Ikea Duktig Hack

We love the mid century modern styling of this Duktig hack from A Beautiful Mess. Especially the globe light fitting!

They’ve stuck to a palette of pink, white and gold and that helps it fit nicely into the surrounding decor.

A little bit of embellishment adds some character with the star and the retro knobs.

Colourful and Floral Ikea Duktig Kitchen Hack

This gorgeous Duktig hack from Anchors and Honey is so colourful with it’s pink paint job and floral background. It’s a great contrast to the more neutral ones we’ve seen earlier, if you prefer something a bit more bold.

Again, the good old spray painted gold tap and handles have made an appearance, but with the other alterations it’s a completely different look.

Dark and Bronze Duktig Play Kitchen Hack

We love the dark chalk paint finish in this hack from Lust Living. Combined with the bronze spray painted finish of the taps and handles (and accessories) this is a really stylish play kitchen.

The stick on hexagon tiles are a perfect way to add a real tile effect on the back splash.

I think the real success story on this Duktig hack though is the stone effect spray paint on the counter top!

Light and Bright Ikea Play Kitchen

This is such a stunningly light and bright Ikea Duktig hack from Hello Hello. We love the light blue finish combined with the leather and wooden stove knobs.

This is another hack that has made great use of stick on tiles!

I think my favourite part of it is actually the white spray painted tap and sink! It seems to work so well in this design and looks so clean and fresh!

Graphic Back Splash on This Ikea Duktig Hack

The green on this play kitchen from GildedHearth on Instagram is gorgeous and combines so well with the large scale graphic tile pattern used on the back splash.

The great thing about all of these Ikea Duktig play kitchen hacks is that they are made to fit in so well with their surroundings. It’s almost another piece of furniture in the room’s scheme.

Bohemian Stipped Back Duktig Play Kitchen

Something a little bit different to finish with. This beautiful bohemian Duktig hack from indi_and_bear (no longer available, but featured on Momo Design) does away entirely with the upright section at the back of the kitchen for a more freestanding style.

We love the wooden bead handles and the use of the trellis above the kitchen to add a playful, bohemian storage solution.

There are so many ways to style the Ikea Duktig play kitchen to either suit the surroundings it is in or just to make it more appealing.

You can even add more detail to it with extra stove knobs, a back splash and rails. The possibilities are endless!

Hopefully you’ve seen enough to be inspired to create your own Ikea Duktig hack and create something that will be well loved!