12 Ikea Knagglig Crate Hacks that Show It’s Amazing Versatility

The Ikea Knagglig crate has got to be one of the most basic products from Ikea, yet there is so much you can do with it if you apply the right Ikea hack.

These Ikea Knagglig crate hacks demonstrate just what you can achieve with a little imagination. They range from kid’s furniture to plant stands and ottomans!

Ikea Knagglig Book Box Crate Hack

Source: Hester’s Handmade Home

This is a really cute book box hack from Hester’s Handmade Home. All it entails is removing one of the side pieces on the KNAGGLIG and adding some stumpy legs to the bottom.

They’ve given it a bit of matching pink paint here and there, but it’s still really simple to do.

You could add a bit more paint, some stain or even washi tape if you wanted to jazz it up even more.

Customised Flower Box Hack

Source: The How To Home

We love the simplicity of this flower box hack from The How To Home. There are some castors added to the bottom, but the real work is done with the stencils.

They have created stencils to paint on lettering and images, much like vintage storage crates. A bit of varnish or stain has finished the job perfectly.

Toy Horse Stable

Source: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

This is such a great idea from Frugal Fun 4 Boys. They have used the KNAGGLIG crate to make a toy horse stable.

All you need is some paint, a few scraps of wood and some lollipop sticks for the fencing.

Kid’s do not care where the stable comes from, as long as it does the job! This would work equally well for a toy shop, police station, farm, whatever your imagination can come up with!

Stunning Mid-Century Nightstand

Source: Made Up Style

We’re going a bit classier with this mid-century nightstand from Made Up Style.

You can get the hairpin legs quite easily on Etsy or Amazon and simply glue them to the bottom of the crate. They have also painted the crate a grey-blue which works really well with the copper legs.

Denim Topped Ottoman Crate Hack

Source: Ikeahackers

Another vintage style crate, this one from Ikeahackers. They have gone a bit further with this hack though by adding a lid with a padded denim top to create an ottoman.

This is a great way to re-use old jeans and you can add your family name to the side of the box to create a bit of personalisation.

Painted Wall Shelves

Source: Imgur

We love the multiple sizes and layers in this wall shelving hack we found on Imgur. Combined with the dark grey paint and the accessories placed within, this is a really stylish set up.

It works really well against the brickwork and the faux candle looks great lit up inside one of the crates.

Panter Stand Crate Hack

Source: Wohnklamotte

This is a fantastic way to create a raised planter. This hack from Wohnklamotte uses two KNAGGLIG crates fixed together and some dowels for legs.

Add some stain or paint the wood to give it a bit more impact.

Knagglig Toy Barbecue Hack

Source: Limmaland

There seem to be many ways to make kid’s toys or furniture with the KNAGGLIG crate and this toy barbecue hack from Limmaland is no exception.

They have simply stacked the crates on top of each other and then used TROFAST boxes with the custom Limmaland barbecue decals.

Toy Shop Knagglig Hack

Source: sara_mispelter on Instagram

This hack from sara_mispelter on Instagram takes the play furniture to a whole new level!

We love this play shop made up from IVAR shelving, KNAGGLIG boxes and various other items.

This will get a lot of love!

Industrial Side Table

Source: Wohnklamotte

Going back to something a bit more stylish, this side table hack from Wohnklamotte uses longer hairpin legs to create an industrial look with the crates.

It looks great and has really useful storage too!

Toy Box Crate Hack

Source: sushibarista on Instagram

These toy boxes are so cute! This KNAGGLIG hack from sushibarista on Instagram is a really imaginative way to use the crate.

They have made some end panels for the faces and painted the whole thing in a variety of characters.

The added wheels and pull rope complete the look.

Wall Shelving Hack

Source: Oh Wunderbar

This is such a great way to create stylish wall storage that is both rustic and useful.

This KNAGGLIG crate hack from Oh Wunderbar simply involves fixing the crates to the wall in an arrangement that suits you.

You could finish the wood with a stain or paint if you wanted a bit different.

The KNAGGLIG is such a simple product, which is perhaps why it can be turned into so many great things so easily!

These Ikea Knagglig hacks really demonstrate the variety of projects you can carry out with this simple crate.