22 Ingenious Ikea Skadis Pegboard Hacks & Ideas

The Ikea Skadis pegboard is a small, sleek and elegant storage solution which makes use of vertical available space.

Ikea Skadis is a smooth wooden panel with slots, allowing you to easily install pegs or hooks. You can hang it on the wall using nails or screws.

This handy product can help you get organised in your kitchen, home office and virtually any room of your home. There are many creative and practical ways to use Ikea Skadis pegboard hacks and ideas for more than just hanging things.

Here are 25 clever ways to use Ikea Skadis with hacks and solutions for organizing your home office, bathroom, kitchen or nursery.

So many ways to use the Ikea Skadis pegboard! Let us know what your favourite is and whether you’ve used the Skadis pegboard in a unique way yourself!