Hello and welcome to Hacksaholic; a home for Ikea Hacks addicts! I am a self-confessed Ikea Hacks addict myself and am totally unashamed by it!

My first thought when considering a new piece of furniture in my home is “Can I do this with an Ikea Hack?”

In fact, you have to get to my fourth or fifth thought (after going through “Can I make it from scratch? Can I get it on Freecycle? Can I upcycle what I have?) before I start considering buying a piece of furniture ready made!

This site is definitely not meant to cure your addiction, it will just feed it more!!!

We gather all the best Ikea Hacks under one roof and help you search for the ideal hack by categorizing, highlighting, featuring and making suggestions on TONS of Ikea Hacks.

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Basically, if you want to find the perfect Ikea Hack, you’re in the right place!

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