7 Companies that Make Ikea Hacks Easy

Ikea hacks are an awesome way to create custom furniture relatively cheaply, but sometimes they can become a bit complex. That’s when products that are specifically made with Ikea hacks in mind come in handy.

There are many companies that make such products, ranging from budget to high-end. We have brought together the best ones that will help make your Ikea hacks really easy.


Source: Superfront

Superfront are a company that make replacement doors, handles, worktops for some Ikea furniture. The quality is second to none and the range of styles is vast.

We love the laser engraved door fronts that add some texture and style to two basic Ikea products; the BESTA and METOD.

You can choose styles, such as the scalloped one above, as well as colours.

This makes transforming Ikea furniture so much easier, albeit at a bit of a price.

Stickers Coloray

Source: Sticker Coloray on Etsy

Stickers Coloray is an Etsy-based company that produces specially made decals for all sorts of situations from wallpaper to tile covers. They also make some great decals for Ikea furniture.

There are decals for KURA beds, MALM dressers, KALLAX units and more. You can also buy sheets of adhesive decals and cut to any shape you want.

This is a great, cost effective way to hack you Ikea furniture easily.

Lux Hax

Source: Lux Hax

Lux Hax are an Australian company that make stick-on panels for a range of Ikea furniture. The panels add an element of glamour with their mirror effects and ornate shapes.

They are so easy to use, with an adhesive backing, so you can instantly transform a KALLAX unit or MALM dresser.

The above KALLAX hack used some of their panels along with some legs from Pretty Pegs (see below).

Pretty Pegs

Source: Pretty Pegs

Pretty Pegs make…. pretty legs that you can attach to almost any piece of furniture. Their main purpose is for upgrading Ikea furniture though.

The legs are stunning and come in a whole range of styles, colours and lengths. The Estelle, pictured above, is a gorgeous leg with a gold top or bottom, depending on what you choose.

They also make handles and front covers to give you loads of great options for your Ikea hacks.


Source: Reform

Reform are similar to Superfront, offering replacement doors for Ikea METOD kitchens to upgrade them to something very high-end.

The prices do reflect this, but the difference between getting a whole new kitchen or using these doors fronts to upgrade might still be worthwhile.

We love the Chelsea range with gorgeous shades of pink, blue and gold.

Comfort Works

Source: Comfort Works

Comfort Works started life as a couple doing YouTube videos on how to re-cover Ikea sofas. They have expanded it into a business that also caters for other brands, but the things they can do with an Ikea sofa are amazing!

If you want to turn your Ikea sofa into a leather mid-century modern classic then you can get a leather cover and combine it with some tapered legs from Pretty Pegs.


Limmaland are a company that produce specially made decals for Ikea furniture to turn them into exciting children’s furniture and toys.

There are decals for DUKTIG play kitchens, KALLAX units and more. We love the idea of combining a DUKTIG play kitchen with the washer and dryer above. You can even create a fridge!

These are really fun ideas and a great company!

There is such a great range of products here that give you so many options to carry out your Ikea hacks with ease.

All you need to do now is decide what you want in your home and there will be a way of creating it with an Ikea hack!