11 Ikea Planter Hacks that will Make You and Your Plants Happy

Ikea already make loads of great planters, but they are quite basic as you might expect! These Ikea planter hacks aim to remedy that with a little customisation and style!

Where Ikea really excels is in creating simple, cost effective products for every situation at home. Their planters do just that, but we’re going to show you how to make them a little more unique and beautiful.

Bamboo Box Ikea Planter Hack

Source: Hunker

There are a few different sizes of bamboo box that Ikea make that are perfect for turning into raised planters.

For this hack fro Hunker all you need are some dowels or table legs to add to the bottom.

A really simple hack that gives you a really stylish planter.

Wall Hanging Basket Planters

Source: Hunker

This wall hanging basket hack from Hunker creates stunning pockets of greenery relatively easily.

This would be more suited to succulents that won’t grow too quickly, or cascading plants such as string of pearls.

Raised Crate Planter Hack

Source: Wohnklamotte

We love the simplicity of this raised crate planter from Wohnklamotte that uses KNAGGLIG crates raised up on dowels.

You could also paint or stain the wood to make the whole thing look a little more sophisticated.

Fruit Bowl Planter Hack

Source: Hunker

Such a simple way of creating a unique planter from Hunker. They have simply attached two different styles of fruit bowl together.

There are many ways you could go about doing just thins with a while range of different products.

Gold Trim Ikea Planter Hack

Source: Loving the Little Things

A very quick way to upgrade Ikea planters is to use spray paint, such as in this hack from Loving the Little Things.

All you need is some masking tape run around the planter at half height and then some gold spray paint.

You could switch things up a bit with some stripes, spots or whatever takes your fancy. Use some washi tape to add a trim if you like!

Ikea Lantern Planter Hack

Source: Apartment Therapy

Lanterns make great planters and there are so many great ones at Ikea that you could use. This hack from Apartment Therapy uses the TOPPIG lantern to great effect.

Who says you can’t have a hanging basket indoors? You just need the right basket to add a little style to it.

Trestle Legs Planter

Source: Hunker

There are many ways to add legs to planters to raise them up, as you’ve already seen in other hacks. The Ikea FINNVARD trestle gives the perfect solution for a ready-made set of legs for your planter.

This hack from Hunker involves building a box to match the trestle legs for the planter.

Mid-Century Planter Hack

Source: Sugar and Cloth

These gorgeous mid-century style planters from Sugar and Cloth are made up of tapered legs, wooden coasters and Ikea plant pots.

They are so cute and will become a focal point of any room.

Vertical Garden Planter Hack

Source: Hunker

Whether you have this indoors or outdoors, this is a fantastic way to create a vertical garden on a budget.

This hack from Hunker uses Ikea bed slats to hang pots from for the plants.

You could create a herb garden, succulent wall or plants that trail down.

Painted Ceramic Planter

Source: Serenity Element

A great way to improve the look of your Ikea planters is to add a bit of embellishment, such as in this hack from Serenity Element.

They have used an Ikea CHIAFRON plant pot and added some copper paint and white dots and stripes to give it a bit more impact.

Stool Planter Hack

Source: Hunker

This hack from Hunker uses an Ikea stool, with a hole cut out of the seat, as a plant stand to great effect.

It’s quite indulgent to use an entire stool as a plant stand for a small pot, but these stools are pretty cheap.

With a bit of imagination and perhaps a quick tour around Ikea I’m sure you could come up with many more ways of creating Ikea plant hacks yourself.

Hopefully, though, these hacks give you enough inspiration to create something right now!