14 Luxurious Ikea Living Room Hacks

Introducing our curated collection of 14 stunning Ikea living room hacks that will add luxury to your space.

We’ll show you how to transform your living room with affordable and easy-to-implement ideas using Ikea products. From incorporating bright colours to creating bold statement pieces, these hacks will give your living room a high-end appearance without costing a fortune.

Whether you’re planning to renew your existing space or design a new one, these ideas will inspire you to create a comfortable and stylish living room. Let’s begin!

We’re going to break this down into four main areas: Sofas, Sideboards and Cupboards, Media Units and Coffee Tables.

Ikea Living Room Sofa Hacks

Ikea has some amazing, low cost and practical sofa options. They also have some interesting day bed options that can be used to create your living room sofa layout.

Ikea Sofa Velvet Upgrade

Ikea Living Room Hacks Sofa
Source: Bemz

The Ikea Soderhamn modular sofa is a great choice to create a luxurious look in your living room. To take things a step further, you can upgrade the covers using a company called Bemz who create custom covers for almost all the Ikea sofa ranges.

We love the look of the recovered modular sofa above which has their cayenne velvet cover. You can’t beat a bit of velvet for that added luxury touch!

Low-Slung Modular Seating

Source: Domino

This stunning look was achieved with, again, Ikea Soderhamn sofas. All they have done is surround the legs with wooden panels to create the solid base effect.

This creates more of a connection between the sofa and the floor, exaggerating the low-slung look of the sofas.

We love how it looks very Japandi in it’s style.

Bright Modular Sofa Upgrade

Moving slightly away from the luxurious look, we just had to include these bright, simple seating options that make use of the Ikea Utaker stacking single beds.

All they have done here is use bright yellow fitted sheets on the mattresses and have some bolster cushions as well as some other cushions covered in the same fabric.

These modular beds are a great solution to save a great deal of money on your sofas, while still looking great. To take the look a bit further, you could consider waxing or staining the wooden bases.

Ikea Living Room Sideboards and Cupboards Hacks

There are so many wonderful options we could have chosen to show you in this category because, with products like Besta and Billy, Ikea has so many great pieces to use as a base for living room hacks.

Alcove Shelving and Cupboards

Ikea Living Room Hacks Alcove Shelves
Source: Our Rustic Home Renovation

This is a wonderful way to make use of those chimney alcoves for storage without making them look imposing.

Here, they have used Ikea Besta units to create gorgeous fluted cupboards in the same colour as the walls so that they blend in. They have used the same trick on the Ikea Lack shelving above.

Built-In Living Room Shelving

Source: Ikeahackers

This stunning Moroccan-style shelving was created using Ikea Billy bookcases. They have thickened the shelving by adding MDF panels to the front and built it into the wall to give the effect of the shelving being carved out of the wall!

The styling of the shelves with all the same coloured pottery is an inspired touch, especially as it ties in with the colours in the rest of the room. A great trick to make the whole thing look cohesive.

Paint-Dipped Effect Cupboards

The Ikea Ivar cabinets are a great base for many Ikea hacks. Here they have been given a gorgeous upgrade with some tapered legs, fluted detail on the front and, most importantly, a paint-dipped effect finish.

This is a great way to help the piece tie into the rest of the decor in the room, by using the same colour as other elements.

Glamorous Sideboard Hack

Source: Garrison Street Design Studio

Can you believe this is an Ikea Kallax? This is such a great transformation and yet, fairly simple to achieve.

The hairpin legs are easy to fix to the base of the Kallax and the drawers are made with standard Kallax inserts covered with a slatted veneer. The final touch is the elegant black drawer pulls.

It’s a really stylish look with some really simple materials.

Mid-Century Sideboard Hack

Source: @ourhouseinwrigley

Fancy creating your own mid-century sideboard? Using the Ikea Besta unit, this sideboard was created by adding some wooden, stained doors and some gorgeous tapered brass legs.

It looks great against the navy wall and the plants are the perfect addition to the overall look.

Ikea Living Room Media Unit Hacks

Ikea has some really nice media units straight out of the box, but we love a bit of customisation so we’ve found some amazing living room media unit hacks that will really impress you.

Bright Coastal-Style Media Unit Hack

This is a great combination of Brimnes and Billy units. They have used the same trick as before with the thickening of the Billy shelves to give a more robust, un-Billy-like look.

The addition of the shiplap behind the TV is a wonderful way to pull everything together and give that extra bit of coastal style.

Dark Colour and Wood Media Unit

Ikea Living Room Hacks Media Unit
Source: Simply Aligned Home

For a complete change of style, how about this dark and brooding, built-in media unit from Simply Aligned Home.

We do love some darker decor now and then and this wonderful arrangement really embraces everything that works well with darker decor. The wooden accents as well as the brass are great ways to accentuate the look.

A touch of natural materials with the wicker baskets and plants are an added bonus.

Simple Cane-Fronted Unit

Source: Fleurish Collective

It’s a simple look, but there are some amazing elements to this Besta hack.

We especially love the elegant black legs from Norse Interior as well as the cane door fronts. These have been sourced from the same place, but you can also create your own by replacing the central panel in the doors with cane webbing.

Ikea Living Room Coffee Table Hacks

Coffee tables are often overlooked in a living room, but they can be the piece that you might be missing that brings everything together. Surprisingly, many people have hacked Ikea products to create their own, bespoke coffee tables and we’ve brought some of our favourite together here.

Bed Slat Coffee Table

Source: The Suitcase Designer

This is such a unique idea, and a wonderful conversation starter – which is just about all you can ask from a coffee table, right?

They have used curved bed slats found in the Ikea ‘as-is’ section (basically the discount or returns section of Ikea). But if you’re throwing an Ikea bed away that has these slats then this is a great way to reuse them.

Don’t worry, the curve isn’t so extreme that you won’t be able to place things on the table!

Wooden Parquet-Covered Coffee Table Hack

Source: Restoring Handmade

The Ikea Lack range is as basic as you get in Ikea, but of course they are a little lacking in style. This wonderful coffee table makeover turns the simple Lack coffee table into something spectacular.

They have simply covered the table top with wooden boards arranged in a parquet pattern and then stained the whole thing. It’s quite a simple makeover that creates a big transformation!

Designer Coffee Table Hack With Hidden Storage

Ikea Living Room Hacks Coffee Table
Source: What BB Built

We love this designer-looking coffee table that has been made with a Besta drawer and Bjorkoviken drawer fronts.

The drawer fronts have been used to cover the base of the table as well as the drawer front. You could use an Ikea desktop or work surface as the table top.

So, there you have it, folks – a plethora of creative and budget-friendly ideas for sprucing up your living room using Ikea products.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your current space or starting from scratch, these ideas are sure to spark some inspiration. So, go ahead and give your living room the luxury treatment it deserves with these Ikea hacks. Happy decorating!