17 Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks You Will Fall In Love With

The Ikea Billy bookcase has been around over 40 years and is a firm favorite product among Ikea customers. It is also perfect for hacking!

There are so many Billy bookcase hacks out there that are all fantastic. It’s such a versatile piece of furniture and can be hacked in so many ways.

We have brought together some of the very best Ikea Billy bookcase hacks in one place to demonstrate what you can do with it and hopefully inspire you to do your own Billy bookcase hack!

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Let’s have a look at these amazing Billy bookcase hacks!

Black Framed Glass Door Billy Bookcase Hack

Sometimes you just don’t want to hide everything away in a cupboard and this stunning black framed glass door hack from April & May for Ikea is the perfect way to create a display cabinet.

Ikea have made this far easier by actually creating glass doors for the Billy bookcase now.

It’s such an elegant looking piece of furniture with the doors on, displaying your finest bits and pieces inside.

Floor To Ceiling Billy Bookcase Built In Hack

The neutral color on this gorgeous floor to ceiling Billy bookcase hack from A Beautiful Mess helps the books stand out. You can’t go wrong with displaying a collection of books on an open shelf.

They have used spacers to widen the gap between shelves and trim at top and bottom to give it a chunkier, built in look that works really well.

Rattan Door Billy Bookcase Hack

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This is probably our favorite Billy bookcase hack. House of Hawkes have created something really stunning here by inserting rattan sheet into the door panels.

It gives a lovely bit of rustic texture to the room and the bookcase has been painted the perfect complimentary color.

Library Ladder Built In Billy Bookcase Hack

The Makerista put a lot of effort into this amazing Billy bookcase library with sliding ladder and the results are phenomenal!

Who wouldn’t want a library ladder in their home? This hack makes it accessible to anyone, but still expensive looking!

Bank of Built In Billy Bookcases

The symmetry of the bookcases and the styling make this Billy bookcase set up from mrs_macs_home on Instagram really shine.

They have done such a good job of balancing the modern and rustic elements and the whole thing provides a stunning background for the dining room.

Rustic Shiplap Low Level Billy Bookcase Hack

Adding a little bit of shiplap to the back of these Billy bookcases, as well as a wooden surface on top gives them a custom feel.

The makers at Bless’er House have created something that is gorgeous, but practical for a play room at low cost by using the Billy bookcases.

Chunky Shelf Billy Bookcase Remodel

This Billy bookcase hack from Centsational Style is a more modern style built in, with chunky shelves that give the bookcase a little more presence.

The color background also helps the chunky shelving look stand out and provides a bit of contrasting color for the room.

Billy Bookcase Door Wrap Around Hack

We love the use of space over and around the door with this Billy hack from ScrapHacker. The shelving uprights have had trim added to them for a more custom look.

Then the books do what books do and look great!

This is such a great idea if you are short on space in your home and have a big book collection!

Billy Bookcase Eclectic Drawers Hack

We’re in love with this awesome hack from Infarrantly Creative, using the Billy with some custom made drawers, lots of unique drawer knobs and range of paint colors.

It’s such a creative use of the Billy bookcase and would really stand out in any setting.

I imagine this was really good fun to make too!

Cabinet Doors Hack for Billy Bookcase

The makers of this Billy bookcase hack at Design Evolving did it to cover an air conditioning unit and it has been wonderfully successful!

Adding cabinet doors to the Billy like this is a great, simple way to customize it and also add some hidden storage for those things that are not so good on display!

Entryway Wrap Around Billy Bookcase Built In

Another great wrap around hack from The Accent Piece, this one being a little more dramatic and elegant.

They have added some down lights to enhance the look of the bookcases, especially at night. These will be quite a statement piece within this room.

Floating Billy Bookcase Hack

If you like the idea of wall-mounted furniture that will not sit on the floor, or just like the ‘floating’ look then this Billy hack from Ikeahackers is ideal.

They have used L brackets to mount the shelves to the wall and the overall effect is really modern.

Mobile Craft Station Billy Bookcase Hack

This is such a brilliant idea from Queen Lila to house all her craft and sewing things in a pod that can be moved around and opens up into a workstation.

It is actually not too difficult to create, with the main elements being a piano hinge down one corner of each Billy bookshelf and some castors on the bases.

Billy Bookcase Dollhouse Hacks

Now this is a really original way to hack the Billy bookcase. These dollhouses by Tamara Jewelry are so cute and will save you a load of money over buying one ready made!

As you can see, they can even be used as practical shelves when your kids grow up.

Bespoke Billy Bookcase Built In

This is a really high quality built in hack from The Homestud. The Billy bookcases have been raised up and made to look like they are recessed into the wall.

They blend in perfectly and create a really good quality, bespoke looking storage space for a kitchen or living room.

Wallpaper Backed Billy Bookcase Hack

It can be so easy to upgrade your Billy bookcase. In this hack by Melanie Lissack Interiors they have added wallpaper to the back to instant make them look stunningly elegant.

There has been other trim and lighting work done to these bookcases, but if you were to do one thing to really transform them, the wallpaper trick is a good one.

French Style Billy Bookcase

We love the French style of this Billy bookcase hack from ShabbyFuFu. They haven’t had to do much to it with just a cornice added to the top, but the styling has put it slap bang in French country style territory.

It goes to show that you don’t need to do too much actual DIY to create the right look!

There are some really stunning Ikea Billy Bookcase hacks here. It’s surprising how creative people can be with something that is a blank canvas in furniture form.

We hope this has provided you with plenty of inspiration to go forth and make your own custom bookcase with an Ikea Billy hack.

Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more great Ikea hack ideas and we will continue to bring you the best Ikea hack projects out there!

Good hacking!