13 Ikea Malm Hacks You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

You may have seen a ton of Ikea Malm hacks on Pinterest, especially that one with the gold trim? Well, they’re not the only ones out there!

There are so many great ideas for Malm hacks, and more are continually being added as clever people come up with new ideas.

We’ve gathered together some of the lesser known Ikea Malm hacks here to add a little more inspiration to your repertoire. There is even a different (I think slightly better) version of the gold trimmed Malm dresser!

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Without further ado, let’s get stuck in:

Ikea Malm Rust Fronted Dresser Hack

Ikea Malm Hacks Rust Fronted Dresser Hack
Source: HomeyOhMy on Behangfabriek

I’m a big fan of industrial decor so this Ikea Malm hack stood out to me immediately. This room isn’t even heavy on the industrial look, but this rusted metal effect fron on the Malm still fits in perfectly and looks great.

There are a ton of great adhesive vinyls out there that you can use to transform a Malm, or even any other Ikea product, quickly and easily.

Ikea Malm Baby Changing Dresser Hack

Ikea Malm Hacks Baby Changing Dresser Hack
Source: Puckdaddyshop on Etsy

As touched on above, there is a whole market that has developed around providing customization to Ikea products and this awesome add-on baby changing table for the Malm is a great example.

This is a bit of a cheat when it comes to Ikea hacking, but it is a hack nonetheless! Why put in all the effort when there is a perfect product out there already!?

How many of you also absolutely adore the wooden train too?

Ikea Malm Pull Out Desk Hack

Ikea Malm Pull Out Desk Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

We celebrate ingenuity here at Hacksaholic and this Ikea Malm hack is a great example. They have created a pull out desk within the Malm that is awesome if you struggle for workspace in a small home.

When the shelf is pushed back in you wouldn’t even know it was any different!

Ikea Malm Black Dresser Hack

Ikea Malm Black Dresser Hack
Source: Mercedes.dozci on Instagram

Black & white decor always stands out, and looks great too. Add in some red touches and it’s a match made in heaven.

This awesome Malm hack simply adds a white trim to the black/brown Malm to create a visually stunning row of dressers.

Ikea Malm Mirrored Dresser Hack

Ikea Malm Mirrored Dresser Hack
Source: Ikea via Comfy Dwelling

Admittedly, this isn’t really a hack (well, it is, but it’s one Ikea did themselves to show off the Malm in a bit more glitz and glamour!). It does, however demonstrate the potential of Ikea hacks.

You can certainly recreate this look with mirrored perspex sheets glued to all the surfaces, or more cheaply with mirrored adhesive vinyl sheets.

It almost makes the Malm disappear into the background. As long as you have beautiful things around the Malm, it will simply reflect these beautiful things back!

Ikea Malm Art Deco Dresser Hack

Ikea Malm Hacks Art Deco Dresser Hack
Source: HomeArtStickers on Etsy

Another mirrored look because I don’t think you can get enough! This stunning Ikea Malm hack uses adhesive panels stuck to the fronts of the drawers to create an amazing Art Deco feel to the dresser.

It’s another great example of a simple add-on to the Malm that makes a massive difference to the look.

Genius Ikea Malm Storage Bed Hack

Genius Ikea Malm Storage Bed Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

This epic Malm hack is a bit more involved than a lot of the others, but it creates an entire closet space under the bed…which means no need for extra furniture in the room and therefore a more clean, minimalist space in your bedroom.

These ‘Captain’s’ beds are a great way to use dead space to gain extra space elsewhere.

I guess you would have to get used to the extra height though when you get out of bed in the night!?

Ikea Malm Gray and Leather Hack

Ikea Malm Gray and Leather Hack
Source: josefinegunhamre on Instagram

The look of this Ikea Malm hack is so simple, but elegant and timeless. Just a coat of paint immediately makes our mind question if it’s just a Malm dresser, but then the addition of those stylish leather strap handles adds another dimension.

Sometimes you don’t need to do a lot to an Ikea product to hack it into something perfect for your space.

Ikea Malm Gold Trim Dresser Hack

Ikea Malm Gold Trim Dresser Hack
Source: David Giles for Ideal Home

Here it is, the alternative to that other popular gold trim Malm hack! I think this one is actually more stylish, especially with the addition of those cute brass hairpin legs.

The trim is also a more burnished gold rather than polished gold.

Don’t get me wrong, the other version is still amazing. It all comes down to personal preference!

Ikea Malm Wood Surround Dresser Hack

Ikea Malm Wood Surround Dresser Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

I really love the sleek lines of this great Malm hack. The dark color of the Malm has been complimented perfectly with the stained wood surround for a really masculine look.

Add in those brass bar handles and the whole composition is spot on!

Ikea Malm Raised Bed Storage Hack

Ikea Malm Hacks Raised Bed Storage
Source: Hitta Hem on Blogspot

Another Malm Captain’s bed hack, but more of a relaxed version for an older kids bedroom. These style beds are a great way to create extra storage space.

This could be done for younger kids if you create a bunk bed style frame around the top of the bed.

Love the chalkboard maths wallpaper too!

Ikea Malm Kitchen Island Hack

Ikea Malm Kitchen Island Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

Using Ikea Malm dressers to create a stylish kitchen island is a great way to save both time and money. This awesome example has used solid wood worktop to surround the drawers, immediately turning them into an island visually.

The combination of white and wood is always effective!

Ikea Malm Loft Eaves Storage Drawers Hack

Ikea Malm Loft Eaves Storage Drawers Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

This final Ikea Malm hack is particularly clever in using the dead space in the loft eaves to create a huge amount of storage.

The Malm dressers have been built in to the wall an made to look like they are bespoke.

It’s a great way to get that bespoke look while saving a lot of effort by having the drawers ready made.

The Ikea Malm is a classic piece of furniture and much loved by many people. It lends itself really well to a hack with it’s flat fronts and simple style.

I hope we’ve shown you examples that have piqued your interest and given you inspiration and ideas to create your own custom Ikea Malm hacks.

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Happy hacking!