15 Ikea Storage Hacks That Will Change Your Life

There are so many amazing ideas out there for Ikea storage hacks that you should never feel like you’re lacking storage in your home.

It always seems like there is never enough storage in our house, I’m sure you’re the same. It’s time to put a stop to that and get it sorted, in a stylish, cost effective and simple way with an Ikea hack!

We have gathered loads of great Ikea storage hack ideas together here to provide you with inspiration to go forth and create awesome storage!

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So, let’s roll our sleeves up and get storage hunting:

Ikea Garage Shelving Storage Hack

Garage Shelving Ikea Storage Hacks
Source: Carla Sonheim

I wanted to put this amazing Ikea hack in straight away because this is exactly what I need in my garage. It is built off a base of the IVAR shelving unit, with some custom made plywood storage boxes to slot in on each shelf.

The great thing is that you can us the space however you like to create the perfect solution for your needs.

Ikea Room Divider Storage Hack

Ikea Room Divider Storage Hack
Source: Elle Decoration

Another IVAR hack, but a different outcome. This stunning room divider storage wall uses TROFAST boxes to create loads of accessible, organized storage while dividing the room up nicely.

The addition of plywood panels to provide drawing and display spaces is also a great idea.

Bespoke Ikea Built In Storage Hack

Ikea Bespoke Built In Storage Hack
Source: My Domaine

This beautifully finished Ikea storage hack uses BESTA cabinets offset from each other, along with custom made wooden shelf inserts to create a gorgeous built-in unit.

The mixture of hidden storage and open display shelves is a great way to make storage look more appealing to the eye.

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Ikea Under Bed Storage Hack

Ikea Under Bed Storage Hack
Source: Curbly

This is such an ingenious use of a RIBBA picture frame. By connecting two frames with hinges and fitting castors on the bottom, this hacker has created a unique, stylish under bed storage box that could be used for important documents, jewellery, underwear… all sorts of things!

Just because it’s not a huge amount of storage, doesn’t mean it won’t add delight to your life!

Guest Room Ikea Built In Storage Hack

Guest Room Built In Ikea Storage Hacks
Source: Ikeahackers

The fold down beds are not from Ikea, but the storage above is built-in METOD cabinets. We love the whole project, but it shows how useful ready made units can be to create quick built in storage.

Painting them the same color as the walls mean they do not visually intrude on the space in the room.

Eclectic Ikea Wall of Storage Hack

Eclectic Ikea Wall of Storage Hack
Source: Refinery 29

If you like your things out in full view as per maximalism, then this is the set up for you. This surprisingly gorgeous Ikea storage hack, using a plethora of Ikea products, is a great way to store everything in the best way without having to worry about uniformity.

Just let it all hang out, man!

Ikea Loft Eaves Storage Hack

Ikea Loft Eaves Storage Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

Yes, those are Ikea MALM dressers built into the loft eaves. This awesome Ikea storage hack makes best use of dead space in this loft to create loads of drawer space.

The MALM dressers make the whole project so much easier than having to do it all from scratch.

Ikea Malm hacks are always popular projects!

Ikea Slatted Wall Rack Storage Hack

Slatted Wall Rack Ikea Storage Hacks
Source: Ich Designer

Another one for those maximalists out there. These $15 bed slats provide the perfect hanger for a wide variety of storage solutions.

I particularly love the light hanging over the top of the slats!

Ikea Combo Awkward Space Storage Hack

Ikea Combo Awkward Space Storage Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

If you have an awkward space such as the one above then you can use a combination of Ikea products to come up with a unified built-in storage unit.

The different pieces of furniture have all been brought together by adding trim between them and the painting everything the same color.

Ikea Raised Bed Storage Hack

Ikea Raised Bed Storage Hack
Source: Originally from Bjurfors

When you have a small bedroom and are struggling to find storage space, you don’t need to move home. This brilliant storage hack simply takes advantage of the fact that you don’t need headroom above a bed!

The bed has been raised up and planted on two Ikea MALM dressers to instantly give tons of storage where previously there was none!

Ikea Shoe Storage Hack

Ikea Shoe Storage Hack
Source: Lavender Julep

Shoes always pile up by the front door. It’s as if they’re breeding I swear! A good shoe storage solution is a must for the entryway and this beautiful Ikea storage hack provides the ideal answer.

The Ikea HEMNES shoe storage unit has be upgraded by adding a wooden top and leather strap handles and now looks like it was always meant to be there.

Easy Ikea Basket Storage Table Hack

Easy Ikea Basket Table Storage Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

This is the most simple Ikea hack I’ve ever seen, it almost doesn’t quite achieve Ikea hack status, but it is rather clever.

This is just a RAGKORN plant pot with part of a SNUDDA lazy susan on top. Job done. Side table storage created.

It looks great though!

Epic Ikea Walk In Closet Hack

Epic Ikea Walk In Storage Closet Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

This storage hack is a huge project, but the results are incredible. This looks entirely custom built, but is in fact built off PAX wardobe units.

There is a lot of trim work involved of course, but so much of the work has been saved by starting with the PAX as a base.

The final touches, with the gorgeous paint color and brass handle, finishes it off perfectly.

Ikea Dining Bench Storage Hack

Ikea Dining Bench Storage Hack
Source: Almost Makes Perfect

The Ikea NORDLII drawers are a really stylistic product and they offer so many Ikea hack opportunities. This particular storage hack turns them into a dining bench with the addition of a sheepskin rug and some cushions.

This is the perfect way to make the most of a small kitchen/dining space while still getting storage in there.

Ikea Built In Pantry Storage Hack

Ikea Built In Pantry Storage Hack
Source: Jenna Sue Design

Another stunning built-in storage hack using PAX wardobes again. The whole pantry integrates seamlessly with the room decor and provides vast amounts of storage space.

Perhaps that dream kitchen pantry is not out of reach after all!

This has been one of the most enjoyable research missions for me, having seen so many genius ideas for Ikea storage hacks.

I really hope you’ve managed to find something here that has inspired you to either come up with your own storage hack or just steal one of these ideas.

When your starting point is one of Ikea’s many good quality, simple products the world is your oyster!

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Enjoy your storage hacking!