13 Summer Ikea Hacks for your Outdoor Party

We may be in lockdown, but that doesn’t stop you planning the perfect summer party get together for when you’re allowed! Check out these awesome summer party Ikea hacks to make sure your party rocks when the time comes.

When you start to add up the costs of everything you need it can seem expensive though. That’s where a few carefully chosen Ikea summer party hacks can come in handy.

We’ve brought the best summer Ikea hacks for the outdoors together to inspire your next summer party, whenever that might be!

Funky 80s Nostalgia Garden Chairs

Bright colours are very popular right now and these funky chair hacks from A Subtle Revelry will raise the cool level in your garden.

These chairs are no longer available at Ikea, but you could create the same effect with some FEJAN chairs and some spray paints.

Channel your inner graffiti artist!

Ombre Hanging Ice Basket

We adore this great outdoor hack from Paper and Stitch. They have used DRUVFLADER hanging basket planters to create these amazing ice buckets.

First, they just need to be spray painted white and then add in the ombre effect with a summery colour of your choice (pastels work best!).

Line the basket with a plastic bag and then fill with ice and drinks!

Summer Party Ikea Hack Trug

This stunning dipped trug will have so many uses during a summer party. You can use it for ferrying drinks, snacks, cutlery, etc from the kitchen as well as a stand alone drinks container.

This is made from an Ikea SKOGSTA box with a colour blocked bottom. The white works really well against the acacia wood, but you can choose whatever colour works best for your party!

Golden Outdoor Bar Cart

There may be a lot of references to drinks in this post. That’s just how we roll.

This amazing golden bar cart Ikea hack from Dove Cottage will add some glamout and excitement to any summer party.

They have used an Ikea SUNNERSTA cart and spray painted the frame gold. They’ve also added some gold tassles down the side.

Summer Party Canopy

This is a stunning way to create your summer party scene. This is from Ikea themselves, featured in Domino.

They have created a huge tent effect canopy with strips of fabric over a tree, but you could use a washing line to create a similar canopy.

Ikea have loads of great, cheap fabric to use for this purpose. You can then use the strips for another Ikea hack afterwards such as a fabric scrap curtain.

Dyed Fabric Napkins

Don’t go down the paper napkin route if you can avoid it! Create some stunning ombre dyed summer napkins that can be reused over and over again!

Ikea have loads of great napkin options that are really cheap.

Just get creative with this dyed napkin hack from Erika Nax.

RASKOG Bar Cart Hack

Another drinks related hack, this one from Ikea themselves.

The RASKOG cart is very versatile, and it’s three levels give you the chance to carry an ice tray, glasses and napkins or whatever combination you require!

You could also use it as a BBQ station for all your tools, matches, oven gloves, etc.

Ikea TARVA Ice CHest Hack

This one is just a bit ingenious! Forget piddly little trays and baskets to cool down your drinks with ice. Get a dedicated ice chest courtesy of IkeaHackers!

Obviously this may be for the more professional summer party host (or just because you can have a cold beer in the garden any night of the week!).

They have used an old Ikea TARVA chest of drawers and inserted an Igloo cool box, with some other modifications.

Summer Party Tiered Cake Stand Hack

Turn your summer party into a tea party in an instant with this great cake stand hack from Ikeahackers.

If you can’t get all white plates and bowls and candlesticks, you could simply spray paint it all afterwards.

Ikea KALLAX Bar Cart Hack

If you don’t quite have enough bar carts yet, then this gorgeous KALLAX bar cart hack from Sugar and Cloth will certainly need to be added to the collection!

They have simply added some gold castors and handles to the KALLAX to make the whole thing mobile, it already has all the storage space you need!

Outdoor Rugs and Pillows

Make sure all your guests are comfortable with lots of co-ordinated cushions and rugs with this hack from Treasures and Travels.

No need to splash out loads of money on them though, just get some fabric from Ikea and make new covers for all your existing indoor cushions, along with some matching ‘rugs’. You could use the Ikea TIPHEDE rug (£10/$10).

For the perfect, low cost picnic blanket, check out Ikea’s tutorial that uses the blue Ikea bags on the bottom!

Outdoor Summer Party Table Hack

For a relaxed summer party vibe (and no need to provide chairs for everyone!) you can create a low table on crates, as in this hack from Brit + Co.

They have used the Ikea KNAGGLIG crates as legs and put old doors on top. Of course, the doors have been painted in summery colours.

If you don’t have old doors, you could use a sheet of chipboard or ply, or even LINNMON desk tops, which are surprisingly cheap and can be used afterwards.

Personalised Placemats

Making things personalised is a great way to add a little extra quality to your party. They don’t need to know it was cheap to do! They will just love the thought.

These personalised beach hat style placemat hacks from At Home With Ashley are a great idea to do just this.

Simply glue some shoelaces onto the placemats in the names of your guests.

A great range of ideas for your summer party. All derived from Ikea hacks. You can have a stylish, well thought out summer outdoor party without having to spend lots of money.

If you have any ideas for summer party Ikea hacks, we’d love to know about them!