Designer v Ikea: Get This Modern Relaxed Bedroom Look on a Budget

This is the first in a series of articles that concentrate on getting the designer look in any room of the home with Ikea products or Ikea hacks.

Here we have taken inspiration from a stylishly modern, yet relaxed bedroom featured in House Beautiful. Things we love about this bedroom are the tight palette of colours, the quirky artwork and the textures of cushions, rug and throw.

With every Designer v Ikea look we investigate, we’re going to keep one thing consistent. The designer look is going to come from a combination of three of our favourite shops: Anthropologie, West Elm and Amara.

Without further ado, let’s do this!

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The Designer Look

We aren’t going to try and replicate those gorgeous highland cow prints from either Ikea or the designer outlets, that would just be too unlikely! The aim is to compare the difference in the frames and you can simply get a highland cow print like this one from Etsy.

Liljebergs Wooden Picture Frame (Amara) – £45

Source: Amara

We aren’t going to try and replicate those gorgeous highland cow prints from either Ikea or the designer outlets.

The aim is to compare the difference in the frames and you can simply get a highland cow print like this one from Etsy.

This frame from Amara is really well made.

Textured Kadin Cushion (Anthropologie) – £58

Source: Anthropologie

There is a slight bohemian touch about this bedroom and it stems largely from them textile cushions on the bed.

This Textured Kadin Cushion from Anthropologie is the perfect style to replicate the look of this bedroom.

Pair it with this gorgeous Handwoven Saffron Bolster Cushion from Anthropologie (£98)to complete the look.

Bloomingville Bay Bedside Table (Amara) – £269

Source: Amara

The original bedroom has an elegant, thin metal-framed bedside table that simply acts as a backdrop for the things it has on it.

This Bloomingville Bay Bedside Table from Amara does the job perfectly.

House Doctor Precise Table Lamp (Amara) – £168

Source: Amara

The table lamp brings so much to the look of the room. It would be quite bland otherwise.

This stunning House Doctor Precise Table Lamp from Amara does the job beautifully.

It gives a good reading light while adding a touch of metallic to the look.

Must Relax Virgin Wool Throw (Amara) – £142

Source: Amara

Every bed needs a good throw when you’re going for a designer look.

This luxurious Must Relax Virgin Wool Throw from Amara is perfect for this bedroom.

Not only does it need to look good, but feel amazing too!

Pure White Ceramic Vase (West Elm) – £20

Source: West Elm

The final touch is the simple vase of flowers in the bedside table to bring in a bit of nature.

This Pure White Ceramic Vase from West Elm is all you need. Plus some flowers of course, but if you didn’t want to keep buying fresh then you could get artificial flowers.

The Ikea Look

Oak Effect RIBBA frame (Ikea) – £7


This is where Ikea is very strong. You can pick up any style of picture frame very cheaply and it doesn’t take anything away from the look.

The Oak Effect RIBBA frame is perfect.

FRANSINE Cushion (Ikea) – £10

Source: Ikea

I think this gorgeous, African inspired FRANSINE cushion from Ikea fits the bedroom even better.

It links it well with the brass lamp. You can match it with the SNOFRID Black and White Striped Cushion.

VITTSJO Nest of Tables (Ikea) – £45

Source: Ikea

Yes, there are two tables here, but that just adds to the value you get from these VITTSJO Nested tables from Ikea.

The square one works perfectly in this bedroom design as the bedside table. The other table could become a side table elsewhere!

FLUGBO Brass Lamp (Ikea) – £22

Source: Ikea

It’s not quite the same look, granted, but it still looks great!

This FLUGBO Brass Lamp from Ikea is simple and great value.

The whole look of the bedroom in the original photo is based on simplicity and elegant lines and this lamp does just that.

GURLI Grey Throw (Ikea) – £6

Source: Ikea

Now, this really does show off the value of Ikea.

This GURLI Grey Throw from Ikea is a perfect match, although not quite the quality of material.

For something 100% cotton, try the ODDRUN grey throw.

STILREN White Vase (Ikea) – £8

Source: Ikea

We love this STILREN White Vase from Ikea with its ribbed sides.

It adds a little bit of subtle texture to the look and fits perfectly in this scheme.

Final results:

  • Designer Look : £702
  • Ikea Look : £98 (plus an extra side table to use elsewhere!)

It might not all look exactly like the original image, but it goes to show just what you can do with Ikea products instead of splashing out a lot of money on designer things.

It’s also a lot of fun seeing just how much you can save while matching a designer scheme like this.

I hope this has inspired you to find an image of your perfect bedroom and recreate it with Ikea products (or any other products, we’re not the Ikea police!).