9 Amazing Ikea Toy Hacks

Ikea do have their own range of toys, but just what is possible from an Ikea toy hack? Well, quite a lot!

We’ve found some pretty amazing, creative ideas from people that have taken standard Ikea products and turned them into something really enjoyable for kids.

These Ikea toy hacks are a great way to get creative, save some money and let you be proud of producing something amazing for your kids!

Balance Bike from an Old Stool

We love the creativity behind this awesome balance bike from Instructables.

They have used two old Ikea Frosta stools and rearranged all the parts, with only minimal extra fixings, into a pretty cool looking balance bike.

Admittedly the suspension is probably not that great, but I think this would be a lot of fun for any kid.

Race Track Ramp Hack

This is a nice and simple way to create a cheap race track. Made by Tear Free Travel, this uses Ikea Ribba picture ledges fixed together to make two ‘roads’.

The roads are actually road tape, a sticky tape with road markings, which is a great way to easily make play roads.

If your kids are anything like ours then they love cars, no matter what!

Ikea Lego Table Hack

There are loads of great Ikea Lego table hacks out there, and we made a post all about them. This is one of our favourites from The Handyman’s Daughter.

They have used inexpensive Lack tables to create lots of Lego play surfaces as well as good storage.

Lego is such a great toy that lasts a long time so why not create a dedicated Lego play space!

Ikea Nerf Target Holder

This is a great idea from Ikeahackers. They have used a Ribba picture ledge to create a Nerf target holder.

All it needed were some hinges and velcro to attach the targets and allow them to fall down when hit.

Saves them aiming at Mummy or Daddy’s head! …or perhaps briefly distract them!

Ikea Duktig Shop Hack

Usually, Ikea Duktig hacks are all about turning the simple play kitchen into a luxury, designer play kitchen (see our post on them here). This hack from Ganseblumchen & Sonnenschein turns it into a shop!

They make use of lots of other Ikea products to create fruit crates and rails to complete the look.

We like the blackboard to display whats on offer!

Under Bed Toy Storage and Play Surface

We love this under bed toy storage and play surface hack from Ikeahackers.

They have used an Ikea Sniglar changing table for the trays and added wheels. The result is a versatile piece of furniture that can be pulled out and becomes a play surface for cars or trains, or even Lego.

Igloo Play Den Hack

This is a very imaginative use of waste paper bins from Ikeahackers. They have created a rather convincing igloo!

We love the use of string lights inside to light the whole thing up, which looks great due to the opaque bins!

The ride-on train around the outside is genius!

Ikea Duktig Play Coffee Cart

Another variation of the standard Ikea Duktig play kitchen hack is this stunning coffee cart from Gray House Studio.

They have gone to a lot of effort with this and it really looks great!

We especially like the plushie doughnuts!

Ikea Kallax Dollhouse Hack

The Ikea Kallax appears to be ready-made for being used as a dollhouse! This fantastic Kallax dollhouse from Ikeahackers demonstrates how well it works.

The wallpaper looks great plastered to the inside of the Kallax shelves and the kids will not mind a bit that it is a simple bookcase that their dollhouse has been made from.

There are so many ways to make awesome toys from Ikea products. It’s great to make something with your own hands, but even better to make toys for your kids.

Have fun coming up with some great Ikea toy hacks!