15 Stunning Ikea Wedding Hacks

Weddings are getting more and more expensive, so when you can create stunning decorations at low budget you should jump at the chance. Ikea wedding hacks offer a great way to do just that.

There are so many ways you can adapt Ikea products to create some amazing decor and furniture. Weddings offer another opportunity to get stuck into some creative Ikea hacks.

We’ve brought together the best Ikea wedding hacks we could find that will save you loads of money for your big day.

Ikea Wedding Hacks

Mini Greenhouse Wedding Card Box

Ikea have done all the work for you here, with there amazing Socker indoor greenhouse. All you need to do is add some lettering, just like this gorgeous wedding card box hack from Style Me Pretty.

You can simply get a white chalk pen or get pre-made lettering stickers to create your message.

This gorgeous card box will stand out as a centrepiece at your wedding, especially when surrounded by flowers.

Hanging Fairy Light Strings from a Tree

This incredibly romantic look, featured on Style Me Pretty, has been achieved by hanging fairy lights from a tree.

It reminds me of the tree of life in the film Avatar! It is simply stunning, but you can create this look really easily with some cheap Ikea battery powered fairy lights.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding then this will really add some atmosphere to your evening events!

Garden Vintage Wedding Table Centre Piece Hack

We adore the garden vintage look at this wedding featured on Rustic Wedding Chic.

These table centre pieces with moss and wood slices are fantastic. The Ikea lace-topped Skurar vase is the perfect way to hold the delicate flower arrangement for this look.

The overall effect is stunning!

Gold Painted Lanterns and Vases

If in doubt, get the gold spray paint out! These gold painted Ikea Borrby lanterns, along with the bottles, create a gorgeous, luxury vibe for table centre pieces and general decor.

The idea has come from a wedding featured on Ruffled and is so simple, if you have time to do a bit of spray painting!

The effect of the flowers against the gold is beautiful!

Photo Booth Frame Hack

The photo booth is becoming a must have at any wedding and this great hack featured on Style Me Pretty is a great way to do it.

They have used the Ikea Ung Drill mirror frame and painted it black to form the frame for any photos.

Get your guests to a bit of work for a change and hold up the frame for their own photos!

Paper Lantern Chains

This stunning effect, featured on Hitched, has been achieved by stringing lots of really cheap paper lanterns together to create a chain.

You can create this same look using outdoor hanging festoon lights and some Ikea paper lanterns.

Ikea Tolsby Gold Table Number Sign

Get that gold spray paint out again! These amazing gold table number signs from Angelahums are so simple to do but look great!

You can get creative with the sign you put into the frame, matching it to your theme.

Magical Chandelier Table Lighting Hack

This gorgeous chandelier hack from Style Me Pretty would work inside or out. They have taken a simple Ikea chandelier and decorated it with glass beads.

If there is no source of electricity you could wrap it all in a battery powered LED string light or use a candle based chandelier.

Ombre Painted Candle Votives

Such a simple hack from The House That Lars Built, these ombre candle votives created from Ikea Skurar vases are stunning!

All it requires is a few different spray paint colours and a quick spray around the top. A 15 min job at most!

Olive Tree Table Centrepiece

Ok, not much of a hack, but the olive tree from Ikea is a bargain way of introducing some Mediterranean style to your wedding.

This one is from June Bug Weddings and we love the simplicity of the table setting with the olive trees and plants the centre of attention.

Ikea Vase and Flower Table Decoration Hack

There are so many amazing vases at Ikea that are really cheap so achieving this gorgeous look from Style Me Pretty will be easy and cost effective. Especially when you add in some cheap artificial flowers from Ikea too!

Using artificial flowers will mean you get to keep them forever as both a reminder of your wedding day and gorgeous decorations for your home.

To create pastel coloured vases you can just get a glass vase and roll some pastel paint round the inside.

Bell Jar Light Table Decoration

Another fantastic way to decorate your tables, or for general lighting around your wedding reception is this bell jar hack from Ikea.

They have added some battery powered LED string lights to a Begavning bell jar to create a magical light.

You can fill the bell jars with anything you like. Gold baubles, artificial snow and woodland animals, colourful origami. Just get creative!

Ikea Chalkboard Easel Sign Hack

To show your guests around your reception venue, this great little chalkboard easel hack from Style Me Pretty is perfect!

Just get some chalk pens to make it easier to write and stand out more than normal chalk. If your handwriting is pretty naff, then you could use stencils to make it professional!

Flower Filled Lantern Hack

We really love this flower filled lantern from Wedding Chicks. They have used an Ikea Borrby lantern and filled it with a colourful selection of flowers.

You could use a selection of artificial flowers from Ikea to create something longer lasting and that you can take home afterwards!

Wedding Photo Booth Hack

This is an amazingly imaginative hack from Instructables to create a wedding photo booth.

They have used 2 cheap Ikea wardrobes with canvas covers and fixed them together with a seat. They have then added an ipad as the camera.

All you need next are a few wacky props to get your guests creating some memorable photos!

With these Ikea wedding hacks you should be able to save a lot of money on some of the things that always make a wedding budget bigger.

You can also create a more unique and custom made wedding for you. Having fun in the process is just a bonus!

Good luck on your big day and just remember, it’s not about the little things, it’s about you and your partner!