13 Incredible Ikea Lighting Hacks

Ikea hacks are not just all about furniture, there are some amazing Ikea hacks that concentrate on accessories and lighting. We’re going to have a look at some of the best Ikea lighting hacks here, and there are a lot!

Ikea does a great range of lighting already, but with a few tweaks, you can turn them into seriously designer looking light fittings.

It’s not just existing Ikea lighting that you hack, there are also ways to use some other Ikea products to turn them into lighting. As you will see, people have been very creative!

From Pendant to Bohemian Floor Lamp

This is such a simple Ikea lighting hack from Domino. The Sinnerlig pendant lamp is a great piece of design and it’s form makes it quite versatile.

They have simply added some wooden legs, painted pink, to the base of the fitting and let it sit on the floor.

The addition of a floor lamp light fitting with an in-line switch is all that is required.

Ikea Fruit Bowl Turned Lamp Shade

Another really simple way to create a designer effect light fitting. This fruit bowl inspired light hack from A Beautiful Mess is gorgeous!

They have channelled their internal Tom Dixon and drilled a hole in the Anerlig bowl to create a stunning beaten metal effect light in gold and black.

Multiple Hanging Cage Lights

This is a fantastic Ikea lighting hack from KBarlee on Instagram. He has used Ikea cage light fittings and a multiple-point ceiling rose to create a collection of hanging lights.

It’s a real show stopper of a light and would look great in any living room or family room.

Kids Hot Air Balloon Light Fitting

This is one of our favourite Ikea hacks from Huslig Heter. They have turned one of the most basic Ikea products into something adorable for any kids bedroom.

This hot air balloon light fitting started off as a Regolit lamp shade. With the addition of some felt spots and a basket hanging from the shade, they have turned it into a magical item.

The soft toys peeking over the edge are the perfect finishing touch!

Ikea Ekby Bracket Wall Sconce Hack

Wall lighting used to be a bit old fashioned, but a hanging pendant like this gorgeous hack from Nalle’s House are all the rage.

It is simply made from an Ekby shelf bracket with a pendant light fitting strung through some holes drilled into it.

This would look perfect as a bedside lamp.

Mr Moon Fado Table Lamp Hack

Another cute kids lighting idea is this ‘Mr Moon’ table lamp from Mommo Design.

They have simply added a face and some texture to create a moon effect.

The moustache is excellent!

Death Star Exploding Light Fitting

Wow! This is a fantastic piece of work from JoeMalys on Instagram. They have used an Ikea PS 2014 light fitting and painted it in the colours of the death star.

In addition, they have created a weapon dish and drilled small holes to let some of the light through.

Such a dramatic transformation!

Hanging Lights Vine Chandelier Hack

We love this ‘vine chandelier’ from One O. They have used an Ikea towel rail to hang to pendants from. and arranged them all naturally to hang above a mantel.

This is quite an industrial look and works so well to bring a little interest to any situation.

Bedside Nightstand Light Hack

This is a really stunning idea from Apartment Therapy to create a nightstand and light.

They have used a Bekvam spice rack along with a pendant light and squirrel cage bulb to create a relaxed, semi-industrial look.

Bonus to have somewhere to put your glass of water!

Wooden Anglepoise Lamp from a Stool

This is an ingenious use of an old Ikea Frosta stool fro VT Wonen.

They have created a gorgeous scandi-style anglepoise lamp by using two of the legs as supports.

The amazing black and white braided cord is perfect for the look.

Light Fitting Made From Crockery

Great use of everyday items to create something stunning, from Apartment Therapy.

They have spray painted and arranged several different sizes of bowls and plates to create some gorgeous architectural light fittings.

You could get so creative yourself with this idea, using a whole range of ordinary items to make a unique light fitting.

Bohemian Tasseled Light Fitting Hack

This takes bohemian to a whole new level. We love this Sinnerlig light fitting hack from Anita Yokota.

All they have done is add different coloured tassels to the bottom of the light fitting, but it totally transforms the look.

Fits in perfectly with the rest of the room.

Ikea Maskros Butterfly Light Fitting Hack

If you have one os these old Ikea Maskros light fittings hanging about, why not give it s stunning makeover like this from Mommo Design.

They have gathered some paper butterflies and attached magnets to both them the ends of the Maskros ‘spokes’ to create a gorgeous display of butterflies.

The great thing about this hack is that you can change what you attach to the light fitting as they are just held in place by the magnets!

Ikea light fitting hacks offer a great chance for some creativity. You don’t need to stick to the standard light fittings.

Get stuck in a create something really special that won’t cost you the earth!