9 Awesome Lego Table Ikea Hack Ideas

These Lego table Ikea hack ideas will have your kids squealing with excitement!

If your kids love Lego then you may have been looking for a good Lego table with storage. Why not build your own with a Lego table Ikea hack!?

There are several great ways you can adapt Ikea furniture to make an awesome Lego table.

We have brought together the best Ikea Lego table hacks we could find to give you some inspiration. You’ll find that you can save money and create exactly what your child would like.

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Let’s have a look at these awesome Lego table Ikea hacks!

Simple Low Lack Lego Table

We’ll start off with simple but ideal Lego table from Centsational Style if you’re tight on space (and money!).

They have used an Ikea Lack side table with Lego City roads on top. The Lego pieces are stored in plastic containers underneath.

It’s a great way for a moderate Lego user to have a dedicated space to play.

Double Trofast Lego Table Hack

Let’s raise the bar a little in terms of play area with this amazing Lego play table from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

They have put two Trofast drawer units back to back to create a large square Lego play surface with the perfect storage drawers underneath.

You could even go a step further and arrange four of the units to create a larger square if you have the space. Or even a U or an L shape to maximise access all the way round.

So many options!

Dining Table Lego Hack

For bigger kids that still love Lego (do we everĀ not love Lego!?) this brilliant dining-table-turned-Lego play table hack from A Little of This, A Little of That is perfect.

We love the addition of the table lamp for serious Lego sessions that might go on into the evening!

Epic Lego Play Table Hack

Well, this is a pretty epic Lego play station from The Handyman’s Daughter!

This is a super organised way to store Lego pieces with several small and large drawers. The Ikea Lack table play surface is a great size and several kids could play with Lego at once here.

This may be our favourite Lego table Ikea hack of the lot!

Lego Room Ikea Hack

Another amazing Lego play set up. I think they’ve dedicated a whole room to Lego at Seeded at the Table!

We love the use of lighting on the top and underside of the Ikea storage units.

Top marks for the Lego wall decals too. The added Lego atmosphere is great!

Large Contained Lego Play Table Hack

I mentioned using the Trofast drawer units in a different configuration earlier. This brilliant Lego table Ikea hack from Flipping for First is a great example.

The craftsmanship is excellent and we love the use of a wooden rim around the edge to contain the Lego pieces.

Instead of using Lego boards they have painted the top surface the same as a green Lego board. Kids can then put Lego boards down as and when they need them.

Dual Purpose Lego Table Hack

If you have kids of different ages then this clever dual purpose Lego table from Saving Amy is ideal.

It has a Duplo surface on one side and Lego on the other. Just flip the table top over when they want to play with the other blocks.

This Lego table Ikea hack makes use of the longer Lack table to give more surface area.

Stylish Rolling Lego Table Hack

If you are a bit more style-conscious of your kids bedroom then this gorgeous rolling Lego table from Serendipitous Discovery is a great idea.

They have used a Kallax shelf unit on it’s side with castors attached to the bottom. This gives a mobile Lego table that can be moved where it’s needed easily. The Lego is stored in stylish denim Drona storage bins.

Adjustable Lego Play Table

We love how clever this adjustable Lego table by That Mommy Blog is. This will adapt as they get older and bigger.

It is made with Trofast units with an extra set of side panels on each side to hold the table surface.

The ‘Lego Land’ wall decal is just so cute!

Well I hope you have been inspired to create an amazing Lego play table for your kids!

These Lego table Ikea hacks should have given you plenty of inspiration. With the base of a piece of Ikea furniture like the Trofast drawer unit or Lack table you can’t go wrong!

I hope you have fun coming up with the perfect Lego table design. We’d love to see some of your creations!