13 Mid Century Modern Ikea Hack Ideas

The mid century modern style is a contemporary take on some classic designs from the 1940s-1960s. This was a design golden age and you can create some mid century furniture of your won with some mid century modern Ikea hack ideas.

There are several Ikea products that are perfect for updating into something really stylish. Take one of these awesome mid century modern Ikea hack projects and make a piece of furniture that will be the pride of your home.

We’ve found the best mid century modern Ikea hacks available and brought them all into this article to inspire you.

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Now let’s dive in to these awesome mid century modern Ikea hacks!

Mid Century Modern Ikea Hack Ideas:

Geometric Ikea Dresser Hack

A stunning, yet simple mid century modern Ikea hack to start off with from Kristi Murphy.

This Ikea hack takes a basic Tarva or Rast Ikea dresser and turns it into something gorgeous with the addition of some short hairpin legs and gold tape.

We love the geometric lines they have created and the fact that these match with the material of the legs.

Mid Century Modern Ikea Hack Nightstand

This nightstand from Remodelaholic uses an Ikea Tarva nightstand and just adds some wooden legs.

Unfortunately Ikea have stopped producing this nightstand, but you could either find one on Craigs List or use one of their other nightstands to do something similar.

The legs take a bit of woodworking skill, but not too much! We think you’ve got what it takes!

Vintage Drinks Cabinet Hack

On to more serious matters! A stunning mid century modern Ikea hack from The Vintage Rug Shop to create this drinks cabinet.

We love the drinks-inspired Ikea hacks here at Hacksaholic and this mid century styled one, with tapered legs, is amazing!

The gold wallpapered interior of the cabinet along with the glass hanging storage is inspired. The choice of drinking accessories adds perfectly to the effect!

Ikea Karlstad Sofa Mid Century Upgrade

The Ikea Karlstad sofa is a great piece of budget design. With a few tweaks, Melo Drama have created this stunning mid century modern Ikea hack upgrade for it.

We love the pink they have used and the tiny details of the tapered legs and cushion buttons are perfect. In fact the majority of work has been done by Ikea on this one as the Karlstad sofa already has a lot of mid century features.

Instead of spending thousands on a design classic, you can make your own mid century sofa!

Mid Century Modern Ikea Hack Cabinet

A bit of work has gone into this great Ikea hack from House by the Bay Design. They have taken an Ikea Hemnes small chest and incorporated it into a larger cabinet.

The white and wood combination finish is a classic look and some tapered legs give it a great mid century style.

Simple Mid Century Desk Hack

We love how simple this Ikea hack is. The creative people at Sarah Makes Stuff have taken an Ikea desk top and added some hairpin legs to elevate it to mid century modern status,

It just demonstrates how easy it can be to create something stunning with an Ikea hack. Especially when you have some great products, like the hairpin legs, available to buy.

White and Wood Ikea Dresser Hack

Similar to the nightstand above, this dresser by Undeclared Panache adds a touch of mid century modern style with some wooden legs.

This trick of raising the dresser up off the flor, combined with some new handles and the stained wood finish completely transforms the look.

You could do the same thing to almost any basic Ikea dresser to create something stunning, yet budget friendly.

Ikea Retro DIY Sideboard

You could be totally fooled by this sideboard from Sugar and Cloth. It looks like something you might pick up at Anthropologie or some other high end home decor store.

The handles really make this piece stand out. The chunky brass door knocker style is so original and beautiful.

The stumpy tapered wooden legs are so cute and add to the presence of this mid century styled sideboard.

Mid Century Modern Sideboard Hack

This gorgeous sideboard Ikea hack from Apartment Therapy may be our favourite of the lot. They have really captured the mid century modern look with the wood and white combination, tapered legs and low profile of the sideboard.

To get the look they have wrapped Ikea Besta units in plywood and stained it to match the legs that they have added.

It’s actually a really simple treatment that gives you such a stunning mid century modern transformation.

Ikea Kallax Mid Century Modern Hack

Another use of the wooden leg base trick, this time on an Ikea Kallax bookcase. Hawthorn and Main have taken the simple Kallax shelves and added some DIY wooden legs to raise it up off the floor and create an altogether different piece of furniture.

The accessory styling on this cabinet takes the whole look to another level but wouldn’t be possible with the simplicity of the hack.

A lot of these mid century Ikea hack ideas don’t require you to do much to create something gorgeous!

High End Inspired Ikea Cabinet Hack

We love that First Sense Interiors took inspiration from some stunning mid century modern sideboards and cabinets to create this Ikea hack.

It’s a great way to go about your Ikea hack projects. See something you love, but can’t afford. Look for a piece of Ikea furniture that gives you the same basic form and functionality. Work out a way to make the Ikea furniture look like the expensive furniture.

This stunning cabinet with textured wood doors and gorgeous black handles and legs would look great in any setting.

Mid Century Ikea Dresser Makeover

The Ikea Rast is a wonderful piece of furniture. Not only is it really inexpensive, it is easily adapted into something that looks much more expensive.

This gorgeous mid century Ikea Rast makeover from Sincerely Marie Designs demonstrates this beautifully. They have used a dark wood stain, tapered legs and a wonderful yellow for the drawer fronts to make this look the part.

All of these things are easy for anyone to do, so why would you spend hundreds on something similar?

Shapely Ikea Dresser Hack

Another stunning Ikea Rast hack. This time Reality Day Dream have created some exciting shapes on the fronts of the drawers, combined with some colour.

This dresser is such a fun style and really harks back to the mid century look.

It’s easy to get creative in your own style in this way. You could create your own shapes to add to the front of a Rast dresser, or any other basic Ikea furniture.

Mid century modern is a very popular look for good reason. Furniture design was in it’s heyday in the middle of the last century. These mid century modern Ikea hack ideas bring the style back into our century in a budget friendly way.

We hope you can find plenty of inspiration here if you are looking to add some mid century style to your home.

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Have fun creating your mid century modern masterpieces!