12 Inspiring Ikea Home Office Hacks

Creating an inspiring, productive home office environment can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought. With these awesome Ikea home office hacks you can have a dream home office without spending a huge amount of money.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people are having to work from home far more than they normally would. Us included!

If you are only doing one or two days a week working form home then you might get away with a temporary setup (although not ideal). however, working every day of the week from home is very different.

You need a really good home office environment that feels good. There are also other ways to help you work well from home, as discussed in this brilliant article from Better Work Heroes.

Now let’s look at various ways you can hack your dream home office with Ikea furniture.

Monochrome Home Office with Lots of Storage

Source: Lust Living

This home office setup from Lust Living looks stunning and is largely monochrome. This keeps it looking really stylish as well as minimising distractions!

They have used two Ikea Malm chest of drawers with a Linnmon desk top between them.

There are a lot of things on the desk that are there morte for visual appeal rather than usefuleness, which might be against the best productivity practices, but they do look great in a styling photo!

We love the idea of using bulldog clips to hold up prints on the wall too!

Double Home Office Desks

Source: Freya Home Interiors

Sometimes it is necessary for two people to be working at home at the same time. This then becomes a problem of both space and co-operation.

We can solve the space issue pretty easily with a good Ikea hack, as shown here by Freya Home Interiors. They have used Ikea Alex drawers combined with desktops and legs to create two corner desks together in one unit.

We love how they have used symmetry to bring everything together and make sure that each person has the same care given to their respective home working spaces!

Gorgeous Feminine Home Office Desk

ikea home office hacks feminine desk
Source: Kendall Rayburn

There is nothing to say that your home office needs to be bland and ‘work-like’. If you want it to embody your personality and how you want to feelk as you work, then go for it!

This stunning home office setup from Kendall Rayburn uses feminine touches such as the palette of pinks and greys and the large vase of flowers.

They have used several Ikea items to create this space including an Ikea Alex desk and Kallax unit for storage.

Stylish and Adaptable Home Office Space

Source: Style At Home

This is a wonderful industrial style home office, helped by the exposed brick in the background. But you don’t need the exposed brick to bring together this Ikea home office hack.

This was created by Style At Home with and Alex desk top and matching legs. The Philipe Starck ghost chair really works well here so that all the other features stand out and it doesn’t become to busy.

The wall of cork boards is a fantastic idea and great for keeping notes to hand.

Relaxed Mid Century Ikea Home Office Hack

Source: Brianna Venzke

This is one of our favourite Ikea home office hacks. The gorgeous leather office chair helps rather a lot in that respect!

It has been created by Brianna Venzke for her own home office and makes use of a Kallax unit wrapped in wood to create an amazing mid-century style sideboard for all the home office storage.

If in doubt, add in a fiddle leaf fig for a finishing touch!

The Pinch of Yum Simple Rustic Home Office Makeover

ikea home office hacks gorgeous simple desk
Source: Pinch of Yum by Melissa Coleman

This beautifiul home office was created for Pinch of Yum by Melissa Coleman and looks effortlessly stylish.

They have used Ikea Alex drawer units with a huge long desk top between them to create a luxuriously big home office space.

Once again, we see the leather office chair used to good effect, along with some wicker/rattan touches and some wild flowers. Overall, such a great, rustic look.

Sideboard That Turns into a Home Office

Source: A Few Things From My Life

For people who are short on space, it can be useful to have a home office that can become something else after work hours.

This amazing Ikea home office hack from A Few Things From My Life uses Ikea kitchen cabinets to create a sideboard that can be used as a home office too!

Ikea Home Office with Leg Upgrades

Source: Pretty Pegs

We’ve seen the idea before, some Alex drawers with desktops over the top. But this Ikea home office hack from Pretty Pegs uses some stunning wood and gold legs to upgrade the look.

Sometimes all you need is a very simple desk and then the right accessories to tart it up a bit!

We also love the gold trimmed office chairs, although they look expensive!

Small Home Office Space

Source: Grillo Design

Small home office spaces do not need to be boring! Take the example of this small Ikea home office hack from Grillo Design.

They have used the Ikea Skadis pegboard to great effect as an organiser for the small space.

They have even mounted the computer monitor on the board to create more desk space!

Stunning Luxury Home Office Hack

ikea home office hacks stunning diy desk setup
Source: Pennies For a Fortune

We love this luxurious home office created by Pennies For a Fortune. They have used the old trick of Alex drawers with a desktop between them, but the use of a bare wood top here is inspired.

The use of upholstered dining chairs as desk chairs looks great but we’re not sure about how comfortable they will be after a few hours!

The ship lap wall in green is gorgeous, especially with the picture shelf.

Loft Room Double Home Office Space

Source: Jones Design Company

The use of the sloping loft room space here is very clever to create a double desk space. This design, featured on Jones Design Company, cleverly positions the desks either side of the window to make the most of the light.

It seems if you are going to spend money on something in your home office then it should probably be a really good, stylish office chair.

The Lack shelves are perfect for creating subtle, yet useful storage.

Corner Desk Home Office with Style

Source: Jessica Welling Interiors

Normally corner desks can look a bit naff, but this Ikea home office hack from Jessica Welling Interiors uses a large Kallax unit to pretty things up a bit.

The Kallax unit behind the desk is great for storage, but also for holding uplifting accessories and plants to inspire your day!

Plants are a great way to make your home office space feel so much better as you can see here!

Hopefully you’ve seen here that you can create home office spaces that are inspiring and stylish quite easily by using Ikea hacks.

If you are forced to work at home right now and want to make it work for you, then a great starting point is getting your work space right.

Good luck working from home everyone!