27 Ikea Kallax Hacks You Need in Your Home

Researching for this article, I’ve been amazed at what you can do with Ikea Kallax hacks. The Kallax is such a simple piece of furniture but with a little creativity and effort it can be transformed into something quite beautiful.

We’ve gathered together what we believe are the best looking, most creative and incredibly useful Ikea Kallax hacks in one place for you.

Here you will find Kallax hacks that you might not actually believe start out as Kallax units. Hopefully there will be at least something that will inspire you to have a go at your own Kallax project.

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Now, on with the show!:

Ikea Kallax Art Deco Console Hack

Ikea Kallax Sideboard Lux Hax Ikea Hack 3

I’m starting with this wonderful Ikea Kallax hack due to the sheer unbelievable transformation that has occurred. The Kallax has had mirrored styled panels added to doors on the front and some long tapered legs to create an elegant credenza.

Lux Hax make a huge variety of panels to enhance Ikea furniture and should be the first stop for any budding Ikea hacker.

This is a marker for what is possible in the world of Ikea hacking!

Ikea Kallax Cactus Shelving Hack

Ikea Kallax Cactus Shelving Hack
Source: StickersColoray on Etsy

A more simple, but none-the-less beautiful Ikea Kallax hack, with the application of cactus adhesive vinyl sheets to the fronts of the unit.

The short tapered legs give it the feel of a proper piece of furniture as well as a touch of style.

Sometimes you only need to make little changes for a big effect like this.

Ikea Kallax Clothes Rail Hack

Ikea Kallax Clothes Rail Hack
Source: Emily’s Little World

This is a really effective way to create an open wardrobe with plenty of storage. I love the copper pipe rail fixed to the top of the Kallax unit, it’s a simple but stylish solution.

With the castors on the bottom, this Ikea Kallax hack could be useful in a bedroom, on a set, in a shop and it wouldn’t look out of place in any of those scenarios.

Ikea Kallax Vinyl Record Doors Hack

Ikea Kallax Vinyl Door Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

We love Ikea hacks that are a little bit different at Hacksaholic and this fits the bill nicely. This Ikea Kallax hack has had some MDF doors fixed to the front of each section with hinges and then 12″ vinyl record covers have been inserted in to record sleeves and stuck to the front of the doors.

A genius way to really liven up the look of the Kallax unit.

Of course you could use almost anything in place of the record covers that you fancy!

Ikea Kallax Ornate Dresser Hack

Ikea Kallax Ornate Dresser Hack
Source: The Pink Dream

Coming back to something a little more elegant. This Ikea Kallax hack has a Greek feel to it with the overlay panels stuck to the fronts of the unit.

Style panels like these, and those seen in the first Ikea Kallax hack, are such a great, easy way to upgrade your Kallax furniture.

The addition of some brass knobs and great styling with accessories complete the look perfectly!

Ikea Kallax Stylish Bar Hack

Ikea Kallax Stylish Bar Hack
Source: The Every Girl

This Ikea Kallax hack is pretty much all about the drinks accessories, but it just goes to show what a huge difference you can make with some short legs and a few nice items.

The cubby hole nature of the Kallax makes it a perfect base for a wide variety of applications and in this instance it is ideal for the different glasses, bottles and ice bucket.

Ikea Kallax Entryway Dresser Hack

Ikea Kallax Entryway Dresser Hack
Source: Remodelaholic

A lot of these Ikea Kallax hacks raise the unit off the ground in a variety of ways to give it a completely different look. This hack does it with a timber frame that is then covered with baseboard to tie in with the rest of the entryway.

The inserts of drawers and baskets are well chosen to finish the New England/beach style look.

It also gives tons of storage where you need it most, by the front door!

Ikea Kallax Bag Display Hack

Ikea Kallax Handbag Display Hack
Source: ipinimg

What a way to store your bags! If you are someone that loves to see their bags, even when they are not using them then this Kallax hack is for you!

The downlights give the perfect lighting to see the bags at their best and the simplicity of the Kallax allows the bags to shine rather than the furniture they sit on.

Don’t worry, if you’re a sneaker fan there is something for you later!

Ikea Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

Ikea Kallax Kitchen Island Hack
Source: Jen Lou Meredith

This Kallax hack is an excellent piece of design and makes everyone’s dream of having a kitchen island so much more accessible, even if you have a small kitchen.

The unit provides loads of storage and a handy extra work surface (even if it is just for the chef’s glass of wine!)

Ikea Kallax Stylish Cubby Hack

Ikea Kallax Stylish Cubby Hack
Source: The Decorista

I love this gorgeous Kallax hack with it’s deep, earthy colors. It ties in really well to it’s surroundings.

The labelled cubby drawers are a really original, stylish way to store things and there are so many options out there for Kallax inserts that you can find something perfect for your preferred style.

Ikea Kallax Shoe Organization Hack

Ikea Kallax Shoe Organization Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

I did say there would be something for sneaker fans. If you have a footwear obsession (could be sneakers, could be high heels..) then this is a stunning way to store and display them.

Again the lighting really makes this Kallax hack stand out and it’s quite simple to do with LED strip lighting.

Ikea Kallax Shelf Lighting Hack

Ikea Kallax Shelf Lighting Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

Using lighting to completely change the look od the Kallax seems to be a bit of a recurring theme, but there is good reason for it as you can see in this great hack.

It doesn’t just have to be sneakers and handbags on display, it would work great with books too.

Lighting is often an overlooked method of improving your home decor and these examples have hopefully shown you what can be achieved.

Ikea Kallax Long Storage Unit Hack

Ikea Kallax Long Storage Unit Hack
Source: Honey Bear Lane

This is such a good looking Ikea Kallax hack. It again uses baseboards to raise the unit up on a plinth and it is painted a blue gray to contrast beautifully with the basket storage and the wood work top.

I think this would look great in any situation, no matter how high-end a look you’re after.

Ikea Kallax Mid Century Modern Table Hack

Ikea Kallax Mid Century Side Table Hack
Source: Hawthorn and Main

Another simple Kallax hack with a different style of legs. These legs can be made using 2″x2″ timber which makes this a really cheap hack that creates a stunning mid-century style piece of furniture.

The Kallax is such a great shelving unit for displaying some of your favorite things within it’s square openings.

Ikea Kallax Embellished Shelf Hack

Ikea Kallax Embellished Shelf Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

I really like the ingenuity of this Ikea Kallax hack, using a dado trim and embellishment to upcycle the Kallax into something more elegant.

It really works well with the rest of the decor in the room and transforms the Kallax into an attractive piece of furniture rather than the big square box it comes as!

Ikea Kallax Mid Century Modern Sideboard Hack

Ikea Kallax Mid Century Sideboard Hack
Source: toujourspaloma on Instagram

This is one of my favorite Kallax hacks as I do love a bit of mid-century modern decor. The addition of the angled, tapered legs is all the Kallax needs to make this transformation.

The size of the Kallax sections make it well suited to vinyl record storage too! The hacker in this case has made an excellent home for his record collection and turntable.

Ikea Kallax Media Unit Hack

Ikea Kallax Media Unit Hack
Source: mercedes.doczi on Instagram

This Ikea Kallax hack has a slight industrial feel to it due to the large castors on the bottom of the Kallax units. It means that you could change the layout of the room very easily to keep your mind on it’s toes.

The Kallax is a great piece of design in itself as a modern piece of furniture, all it needs is something beautiful, like books, fill it’s shelves.

Ikea Kallax Room Divider Hack

Ikea Kallax Room Divider Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

A great use of the Kallax is as a room divider and this hacker has used two Kallax units and some framing to go right to the ceiling with their room divider.

It also provides a large amount of storage as well as display space for favorite items.

Ikea Kallax Rustic Tall Unit Hack

Ikea Kallax Rustic Tall Unit Hack
Source: Home Made Lovely

This Ikea Kallax hack has really flexed someone’s creative juices. The distressing on the doors has been expertly done and really makes this Kallax unit look the part as a rustic cabinet.

It fits in well with it’s surroundings, which speaks volumes about how well hacked it is.

This would also work really well in a bathroom.

Ikea Kallax Double Height Shelving Hack

Ikea Kallax Double Height Shelving Hack
Source: Apartment Therapy

If you have a big space to fill, go big with your furniture! This awesome Kallax hack stacks two large Kallax units to create a dramatic shelving unit that dominates the space.

The great part is that you then need to gather lots of lovely things to fill it with!

I think the huge banana plant is also entirely necessary!

Ikea Kallax Window Seat hack

Ikea Kallax Window Seat Hack
Source: The Heart and Haven featured on Tonic Living

This has to be one of the best uses of the Kallax. It is the perfect size to create a window seat, all you need is to create a cushion for the top. This one has been made by Tonic Living and is rather stylish with it’s pinstripes.

I think with some upholstery foam, fabric and a staple gun though, you could do something similar yourself!

This Kallax could just have become someone’s favorite place to sit and dream!

Ikea Kallax Wine Rack Hack

Ikea Kallax Wine Rack Hack
Source: Great British Design on Etsy

There are so many great inserts out there for the Kallax and these have just become my favorite!

I might have to use every single section for wine storage though, rather than the spaces left for trinkets and plant pots!

Ikea Kallax Rustic Wood Storage Hack

Ikea Kallax Rustic Wood Storage Hack
Source: Handy Harry on Welke.nl

This Ikea Kallax hack has taken quite a lot of work to create, but the results are fabulous! The Kallax units have simply been used as framing for the gorgeous wooden crates.

Basically, this hacker has created his own Kallax inserts, which is a great idea for anyone with creativity and some DIY skills.

Ikea Kallax Wood Clad Unit Hack

Ikea Kallax Wood Clad Unit Hack
Source: Young House Love

Simply cladding the Kallax with wood has really transformed it in this great Kallax hack. The combination of white and wood is always a winner!

There are so many ways you could go about this too. You could use wood flooring, wood effect laminated chipboard panels, reclaimed scaffold boards. If you eat a lot of popsicles, you could collect the sticks and stick them around the outside (that’s a LOT of popsicles though!)

Ikea Kallax Under Bed Storage Hack

Ikea Kallax Under Bed Storage Hack
Source: Better Home & Gardens

Under bed storage is often overlook, but this hacker has taken it to a new level and really gone to town with the Kallax as a bed platform that doubles as under bed storage.

You can simply arrange Kallax units in a U shape and fix a board in the space between to create the bed platform.

The bridge storage either side of the bed and over the top is just showing off now though!

Ikea Kallax Craft Storage Hack

Ikea Kallax Craft Storage Hack
Source: Stamp n Storage

As I have mentioned before, there are a lot of awesome Kallax inserts available and these craft-based inserts are exceptional. There are so many options from paper trays to pencil holders to ink pad holders!

The inserts are all CNC cut and perfect for the Kallax. I don’t think there is a better way to store all those craft supplies!

This is truly a craft command center!

Ikea Kallax Command Center Hack

Ikea Kallax Command Centre Hack
Source: Iron and Twine

Speaking of command center, this great Kallax hack makes good use of the modular nature of the Kallax to create a family home organization unit, complete with chalkboard to make sure the household is kept ship-shape!

Creating something fun and accessible for the whole family, like this, means that everyone can get involved and contribute to keeping life organized. It’s a great way for kids to learn about ‘real life’ too!

Whatever your furniture needs, the Kallax can provide an excellent way of achieving them at low cost and with a bit of fun along the way.

Be ready to get your creativity hat on, or remake one of the examples above. Either way, Kallax hacks can be used to make something gorgeous, practical, surprising and unique.

I hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration here, don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more great ideas!

Enjoy your Kallax hacking!