21 Ikea Kitchen Hacks That Will Keep You Organized

Ikea make great, affordable kitchens but there are several ways you can add in amazing Ikea kitchen hacks to make them even better.

It really helps to be super-organized in the kitchen and if you can improve your storage with simple Ikea hacks then it makes life so much easier.

We have gathered together some incredibly simple, yet ingenious kitchen hacks that will save you time and money while looking great.

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That being said, let our Ikea kitchen hacks odyessy begin:

Ikea Kitchen Rolling Breakfast Bar Hack

Ikea KALLAX Kitchen Rolling Breakfast Table Hack
Source: Club Crafted

This is such a great, fresh Ikea hack to start with. A KALLAX unit has been partially used to create a mobile breakfast bar on gorgeous brass castors.

The addition of some colorful yellow stools compliments the look perfectly.

It’s a wonderful way to create an intimate breakfast bar that can be stored neatly away in a small kitchen.

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Ikea Kitchen Wine Rack Hack

Ikea BROGRUND Kitchen Wine Rack Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

I love the industrial style of this wine rack, created from BROGRUND towel rails. It’s such a simple solution that would look great in a modern apartment.

We do love a good drinks-based Ikea hack here at Hacksaholic!

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Storage Hack

Ikea KNUFF Kitchen Cabinet Door Storage Hack
Source: Apartment Apothecary

This is an oldy but a goody! A really simple way to add a bit more storage space to your kitchen cabinets. This Ikea hack simply uses a KNUFF magazine box attached to the inside of the cabinet door.

Perfect for cleaning products, consumables such as foil and cling wrap and washing up items.

Ikea Kitchen Cup Rack Hack

Ikea GRUNDTAL Kitchen Cup Rack Hack
Source: Swoonworthy

There’s always going to be a hack that involves gold spray paint! This great kitchen hack uses GRUNDTAL rails, spray painted gold to create a stylish cup rack under the wall units.

If you have a collection of coffee mugs and tea cups to be proud of, this is an ideal solution for you!

Ikea Kitchen Stencilled Placemat Hack

Ikea HEAT Kitchen Stencilled Placemats Hack
Source: Where The Smiles Have Been

The Ikea HEAT mats are a must have in any kitchen, but this takes them to the next level with some burnt stencil customization.

This is a hack where you can get super-creative. Perhaps you could even have your own face burnt into it!?

Ikea Kitchen Industrial Copper Lighting Hack

Ikea OTTAVA Kitchen Copper Lights Hack
Source: Kojo Designs

A stunning kitchen hack, these copper painted light fittings are the stand out items in this kitchen. Other accessories have been added in copper to match.

It’s a really good design trick to pick a color like the copper in this kitchen and just pick out some items that carry that theme throughout. Just not too many!

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Ikea Kitchen Tiered Fruit Bowl Hack

Ikea RUNDLIG Kitchen Tiered Fruit Bowl Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

It’s so easy to make a tiered fruit bowl or cake stand like this great Ikea hack. The bamboo RUNDLIG bowls make it even easier to drill holes, but you could do it with ceramic plates or bowls with the right tile and glass drill bit.

Adding height and layers makes storage of several different fruits so much easier, and it looks great too!

Ikea Kitchen Farmhouse Spice Rack Hack

Ikea BEKVAM Kitchen Spice Rack Hack
Source: The Inspired Hive

Yes, these are spice racks being used as spice racks, but this hack takes them so far away from the bland product they started off as.

They have a really strong farmhouse feel to them now with the staining and the addition of wire mesh at the front. These would look great in any kitchen and are a really handy way to store oils and spices.

Ikea Kitchen Coffee Capsule Rack Hack

Ikea GRUNDTAL Kitchen Coffee Capsule Rack Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

If you have a capsule-based coffee maker such as a Nespresso, this is an ingenius Ikea kitchen hack to ensure you have the capsules on hand when you need them.

The GRUNDTAL rack is perfect for holding the capsules and the addition of a hydraulic arm allows it to be folded away when not in use.

Ikea Kitchen Digital Clock Hack

Ikea JUTIS Kitchen Digital Clock Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

I really love the ingenuity of this digital clock hack, which saves you having a clock on a wall if you don’t have the space.

Guests will be amazed at how you’ve achieved this. It’s a real showstopper of an kitchen accessory.

Ikea Kitchen Learning Tower Hack

Ikea BEKVAM Kitchen Learning Tower Hack
Source: Happy Grey Lucky

Kids just love to get involved in everything you’re doing, no more so than in the kitchen.

Help them get stuck into the baking with you with this great Ikea BEKVAM hack which creates a safe and stylish way for them to step up to the counter level.

Ikea Kitchen Customized Chopping Board Hack

Ikea PROPPMATT Kitchen Chopping Board Hack
Source: Ikea

Ikea love you to get stuck into hacking their products and this is a great suggestion from Ikea themselves.

You can get really creative with a variety of leather straps to make your own customized chopping board.

Ikea Kitchen Hook Clip Hack

Ikea PLUTT Kitchen Hook Clips Hack
Source: Ikea

I love this simple, small idea for keeping all those open bags of various food items in check. The Ikea PLUTT adhesive hook the perfect starting point for this hack.

You can add on your own method of clipping the bags and hanging them on the hooks.

The space for naming the hooks is really useful too!

Ikea Kitchen Slim Pantry Hack

Ikea BILLY Kitchen Pantry Hack
Source: Feeling Nifty

Fancy a kitchen pantry but don’t have the space? This great Ikea hack uses a BILLY shelving unit to create a slim pantry up against the wall.

Add in some gorgeous wire baskets to complete the farmhouse pantry look at a fraction of the cost.

Ikea Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar Hack

Ikea HEMNES Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

We have a breakfast bar in our kitchen and it is my favorite place to sit with my coffee. This excellent Ikea hack gives everyone a great way to have a stylish breakfast bar island in their home.

The HEMNES unit drawers provide ample storage too.

Ikea Slim Kitchen Gas Burner Hack

Ikea MOJLIG Small Kitchen Gas Burner Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

Ikea hackers are an ingenious bunch and this clever hack, using the Ikea MOJLIG 2 burner gas hobs is a great way to get all your appliances into a small ktichen.

It’s a really sleek design with the solid wood counter tops and black burners.

Ikea Kitchen Open Under Counter Shelving Hack

Ikea LAMPLIG Kitchen Under Counter Shelving Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

Open shelving is a great way to add in a bit of farmhouse style to a kitchen. This Ikea hack, using the LAMPLIG chopping board, is a really good way to introduce some shelving into unused space under the counter top.

The shelves can be made to pull out so that everything you put there is accessible.

Ikea Kitchen Trestle Island Hack

Ikea FINNVARD Kitchen Island Hack
Source: Sofia Clara

If you don’t like the conventional style of kitchen island, then this stunning Ikea hack provides a perfect solution. The adjustable FINNVARD trestles are ideal to create the right counter height and they give a wonderful, relaxed feel to the island.

I particularly like the use of champagne bottles to add a bit of extra glamour!

Ikea Kitchen Command Center Hack

Ikea METOD Kitchen Command Center Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

I really like the idea behind this awesome kitchen command center hack. They have used one of the METOD cabinets as storage for all their household bits and bobs.

The detail they have gone into with regards to organization of this cabinet is amazing.

It also doubles up as a coffee station!

Ikea Kitchen Slim Bar Hack

Ikea IVAR Slim Kitchen Bar Hack
Source: ipinimg

This is another wonderful Ikea hack for small kitchens. IVAR units have been used to create a really stunning, slim drinks bar against a wall.

You can really picture this being well used at a cocktail party. All the lovely details, such as the pineapple decals inside the cabinets, add to the appeal of the unit.

I particularly like the brass cup handles on the cabinets.

Ikea Kitchen Colorful Farmhouse Island Hack

Ikea FORHOJA Kitchen Island Hack
Source: Hunted Interior

This is such a charming, rustic, colorful Ikea hack. It uses the FORHOJA trolley with stained wood drawers and top, along with faux wine crate stamps on the drawer fronts.

The use of yellow for the rest of the frame really brings out the appeal of the wood grain.

Updating your kitchen can become costly, so if you can make a few design choices a little less expensive it’s always welcome.

There are plenty of great ideas and inspiration here to help you get organized in the kitchen, create a new look or just add in some useful storage.

I hope you’ve been able to find something that you can use in your own kitchen remodel.

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Now, get hacking that kitchen!