17 Ikea Lack Table Hacks That Are So Cheap

The Ikea Lack side table is one of the cheapest products in Ikea. It is so basic that you might think there is very little you could do with it, but there are so many awesome Ikea Lack hacks that show just how different you can make it look.

The shape of the Lack side table is very blocky and modern, so you are always going to be working with this. That being said, there are some amazing Lack hacks here that make it look a little less modern and more glamorous.

Let’s have a good look at them all!

Gold and Black Lack Hack

This great hack from Lovely Indeed works really well with the black/brown Lack table, but you could easily do it with other colours. Or just paint it black!

They have added upholstery nails around the top edge of the table to give it an elegant trim (and cover the join between legs and top).

The added pleather fabric on the top surface gives an extra dimension of glamour to the whole thing.

Solid Wood Top Lack Hack

This is a gorgeous way to upgrade the Lack side table. At Simply LKJ they have attached wooden boards across the top of the Lack table to give it a farmhouse appeal.

The use of screws, neatly arranged and marked out, actually adds to the appeal of this hack.

Awesome Art Deco Lack Table

This is a stunning transformation from the original table from Mark Montano.

Using pieces of thin (3mm/1/8″) plywood, painted in black and white with a gold edge, he has created a gorgeous art deco piece of furniture.

So thats a cheap table, cheap pieces of plywood and cheap paint to create something that looks quite expensive!

Stencilled Table Top

A pretty simple Ikea Lack hack is to just paint the table a different colour to fit in with your decor. Take it a step further though with this hack from Delicious and DIY.

They have added a stencil to the top surface to create a Moroccan style table. This was done with a floor stencil.

Art Deco Wood Inlay

We love an Ikea hack that involves a bit of craftsmanship. This effort from Paul Tran DIY is a great example.

At the end of the day it is just cutting pieces of wood to the right size, but it is a lot more involved than some of the other Lack table hacks.

Good work!

Ikea Lack Hidden Games Console Hack

This is a hack that all the childish at heart can get involved in!

We love the ingenuity from this hacker on Ikeahackers to create a hidden games console table with Ikea Lack side tables.

Elegant Side Table Hack

Another gorgeous table that makes use of upholstery nails to create an elegant finish.

This hack involves painting the whole table a blue-grey, adding a mirrored surface on top (could be mirrored acrylic or glass) and then adding the upholstery nails in a stunning pattern.

Upholstered Ottoman Hack

A great way to use the Lack side table is to create an upholstered ottoman, such as this one by Infarrantly Creative.

All it takes is a bit of paint on the legs, some upholstery foam and a fabric of your choice. Simply staple the fabric to the underside of the table.

Stacked Corner Shelf

Because the Ikea Lack side table is so cheap, you can get a few of them and create something larger, such as this stunning stacked corner shelf from Live From B5.

They have used four Lack tables that they have reduced in size and stuck on top of each other.

It takes a bit of fiddling to achieve this, but is is a great way to get vertical storage in a small room.

Mobile Farmhouse Style Side Table

To give your modern Lack table a bit of farmhouse style you can transform it like this hack from Grace and Joy Girl.

They have added some herringbone pattern strips of wood to the top and a plywood shelf to the bottom.

Then they added some castors to make the whole thing mobile.

Games Tables

It’s not just the adults that can benefit from an Ikea Lack hack. These games tables from Ikea are a great way to give the table multiple uses.

You could also turn it into a Lego table by adding some Lego boards to the top.

Gilded Bedside Table

We love this way of upgrading the Lack table from Style Me Pretty. They have added some ornate arches into the space between the legs and then covered the underside of these with gold leaf.

A really elegant way to turn something super cheap into a stunning piece of furniture.

Lightbox Table Hack

And now for something completely different! This lightbox table hack from Instructables is a fantastic, functional use of the Lack table.

They have hollowed out the top of the Lack table to make room for some LED lights and then placed a sheet of acrylic over the top to create a lightbox.

Faux Gator Coffee Table

Never mind the choice of faux animal print for this great hack from Ikeahackers, the idea behind it is the important thing!

You could use any style animal print you like, or even something completely different like a stylish wallpaper.

Gold Tiled Lack Table Hack

This is an amazing transformation, created by Ikea themselves. They have added corner pieces made from shelf brackets and then painted the whole thing in gold.

The finishing touch is the tiled top surface to make the whole thing look quite Moroccan in style.

Mosaic Tiled Lack Table

Another tiled Lack table, and another Ikea hack done by Ikea.

This one is done in white mosaics with black grout and it looks stunning. We love the geometric pattern on the mosaics and this is a great way to hack the Lack table. If you have the patience!

An alternative way of getting this look is with black and white chequered vinyl sheet.

Penny Topped Ikea Lack Side Table

Got a large collection of pennies? Here is a great way to use them. This Ikea Lack hack from Ikeahackers uses pennies to create a gorgeous effect on top of the Lack table.

The top has been framed with architrave and topped with toughened glass.

The Ikea Lack side table is one of the cheapest products they sell, and yet there are so many great ideas here that turn it into something that looks stunning.

I hope you’ve found inspiration to turn your Lack table into something better and more useful with these Ikea Lack hacks.